Friday, December 11, 2009

Get the Government out of the Health Care Business!

Governments run up the cost of essential goods and services, by making them so called “rights” or entitlements. When something is “free,” people overuse it. When it is paid for by other people aka third parties or insurance, the people using the goods and services don’t care what they are charged because they aren’t paying for it, which ultimately raises prices for all. Service providers are guaranteed payment by the government or insurance company, and not wanting to or having to deal with delinquent accounts like others in the so called “free market” – (we cannot in reality say we have a free market in America because almost everything is Regulated by bureaucrats) – providers hesitate or refuse to give care to those who do not have the insurance or government coverage.

Also a huge idiocracy (check out the movie- its hysterical) is formed which is expensive, inefficient, dumb, and wasteful!

Alas, after the costs have sky-rocketed due to entitlements for some and regulations for all, most individuals cannot afford to receive medical care without risking financial ruin if they do not have insurance or the governments “help.”

Now, along comes Uncle Sam, declaring the situation a crisis! The government has decided it wants to further control the market, raise taxes and expand the entitlements, which will in turn raise the prices even more, and force people to pay for goods and services they do not want or need. The flip side of this is the government will prevent them from receiving services or products they DO want and need. Your money and your health care choices are reduced or eliminated. You are worse off than before. More government; less freedom; economic and personal. The government gets the coal mine, the people get the shaft!

The correct solution to the is to get the government out of the health care business altogether like it was in the 1960 ties before health care became an entitlement and was bureaucratized. People paid for their own routine care and saved for catastrophes, or bought low cost hospitalization insurance. Individuals could buy insurance in the free market to suit their own budget and pocketbook. Private charity, churches, and all kinds of voluntary associations as well as and the medical profession themselves did a great job of providing care for the poor and down trodden. That was they way it worked before government intervention into health care and it could work that way again.

Health care prices would drop like a lead balloon and become affordable, like other products and services not protected from competition in the free market place. Our lives would not be dominated by the fear of getting a serious illness and losing everything we have and have worked for in life!

Economics 101: People will take or use what is free, whether they need it or not.

People will waste and abuse what they do not own or work to pay for. Basically, people are not as concerned about how they spend other peoples, or “the insurances companies,” money as they are what comes out of their own bank account, even though the reality is, the insurance company and the government got the money from them in the first place!

NOTE: I use the collective word “People” with literary license, as I fully know not ALL people overuse the system and folks ARE frugal with third party payments. However, it appears that enough people do follow the negative behavior I have described so as to make present day insurance prices a burden for the rest of us. We have lost site of the original function of all forms of insurance which is help cover a catastrophic loss. Health insurance should have never begun paying for routine care. This was where it all went astray.

Health insurance started with hospitalization insurance, and did not cover routine doctor visits and preventive care. You paid for this yourself, like an adult, and prices were cheap. When I was born, my parents paid for my doctor and hospital bills out of pocket. My dad saved money and paid the doctor out of his paycheck. I don’t know the total costs, but my mother said it was 3 dollars a day for the hospital nursery. This was in 1951.

My great grandfather, who lived 6 days shy of his 100th birthday in 1960, was a graduate of the University of Louisville medical school, doctored and delivered babies in Louisville’s West End until he was 85 years old. Sometimes he just got paid with chickens. He was not a wealthy man to say the least. He lived in a modest home with his extended family until he broke his hip and was placed in a rest home a few months before he died. He also chewed tobacco, and drank a concoction of whole milk and raw egg every day of his life! So much for high cholesterol or hardening of the arteries in his day and time.

I digress even further as I report that “Grandpa” was sued when he was at fault when he had an accident while driving his Model T Ford – and settled for the magnificent sum of seventy-three dollars!

One more bitch about government meddling before I end this epistle. The War on Drugs which is truthfully the war against the individual’s right to be left alone and control his or her own little hunk of flesh! How much more of a slave can a person be, than to be told what he can or cannot peacefully ingest even in the privacy of his own home.

I cannot accept this. It freaks me. This one thing alone was enough to make me despise our government and withdraw my support from the MOFO’s.

First, a little about ME: I was born in 1951, graduated for High School in 1969 , and married the first time in 1976, Gave birth in 1979,divorced, and got married the second time( the good one) in 1984. In my day and time, talking a walk, coming back in laughing hysterically and heading for the food table was a normal course of events at almost every party! Buts its MY generation, the Baby Boomers or more accurately stated the Baby BUSTer’s” who are now running, looting, killing and bankrupting the US and the rest of the world, who are shamefully locking up, robbing and murdering their own kids for using the same substances they did growing up, and YES: THEY DID INHALE! I exclude myself from this group of hypocrites because I have continually and consistently spoken up and out against this sick and evil travesty known as the War on Drugs.

In the sixties, I grew up saying things like: “The world does not owe you a living,” and “Sticks and Stones can break my bones, and words can never hurt me,” and listen to this one: “Prove It” – Yes we used to say prove it when people fed us a line of BS that did not make sense!!

We had a song with lyrics that said: It’s your thing, do what you want to do. I can’t tell you, who to sock it to, and “I’m a true nature child, I was born, born to be wild.”

Also, Ringo Starr observed that, “Everything the government touches turns to crap,” and Abbie Hoffman said, “How can I talk about the government if I can’t say fuck?

Fellow Humans: please reclaim your lost liberty NOW, as it is quickly becoming a fading memory……… Like “Camelot” when King Arthur, Guinevere and Sir Lancelot sought “Right Over Might”!

In Closing: What is your opinion of this ACTION PLAN?

Call or write your so-called “officials and representatives” and tell them, in a nice and polite way of course, that violence and coercion disgusts you and you believe that voluntary co-operation and free markets are the way for individuals to live and to structure their societies. You withdraw your support for the political means. You are a rational human being and want to make your own decisions about how to spend your money and run your own life in your own self interest. Period. Goodbye. It’s been REAL: Thank you very much. Then, stop voting, sending money, and don’t associate with the scoundrels. Also, turn off the 4th branch of the government known as TV and radio and ignore the propaganda and focus on what you see! Live life in the present as you see it yourself!

True freedom can’t be tamed!