Friday, September 19, 2008

Rotten Political System invites Rotten Candidiates

The fact that the candidates for president are rotten, is one thing, but I take real issue with the office for president and the political voting system itself.
I do not need or want a power hungry , violent,arrogant jerk, who is disrespectful of other people and their rights and property
claiming to represent me OR for that matter anyone claiming to represent me. I am my own "commander in chief".
I know the term is supposed to be for the military, but in reality it now amounts to running the country and the rest of the planet!
Political voting is unnecessary. If the federal government ceased and desisted operation immediately , and never returned, life would go on, much more efficiently and more peacefully than ever before. All we could say would be " Good Riddance"!!!

All presidents are the same, or they would not be President.

No Normal Decent person would want the job !

Sending your kids to kill and be killed as "rent a cops" in foreign lands is not a job for an intelligent and caring human being.

Getting to vote for President in these United States is like getting to pick your own Executioner: The END result is going to be the same and it is not for your Benefit ;-)

Just say NO to ROTTEN Political Power !

On Election Day, Do some real Voting :
Spending your Own Hard earned Money on the goods and services YOU and YOUR family prefer in the Market place.
Shop for what you want, and Pay for what you get by Yourself !

No Politicians or Bureaucrats anywhere to be found!

WOW, is that not what Life, Liberty and what the pursuit of Happiness is really about ?

Now if we could just get our Government to stop bombing people around the globe, locking people up at home who are not hurting anyone , and wasting our resources on destructive wasteful social schemes and projects, we would really be making progress towards living like Civilized human beings in a free society. I wonder if I will live long enough to see such a state of affairs?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Politics and Voting is for Hypoctites and Thugs

It is immoral to support " government", because logic dictates that if a behavior is wrong for individuals , it is also wrong for groups of individuals. The motivation for the behavior, or who commits the crime is irrelevant. A crime is a crime is a crime.
If it is wrong for me to rob my neighbor, because he is richer than I am, and I want some of his stuff, then it is wrong for the government to tax people at gunpoint, and redistribute the loot. If it is wrong for me to kidnap and restrain someone because I do not approve of their behavior, then it is wrong for the government to jail and detain people who have not used physical force or hurt anyone else. If it is wrong for me beat or kill my family because they don't follow my arbitrary " rules" it is wrong for the government to hurt and kill its own people and start wars around the globe .
When a person Votes in a political election, they are saying they believe in using a hired gun to make other people obey their every whim, while at the same time professing crimes by individuals are wrong. It appears to me that this form of Voting is for hypocrites and thugs and is BAD.

GOOD or " Moral" voting occurs when people shop for what they want and pay for what they get in the marketplace , Freely,without coercion, with their own honestly earned money and property. No Force, no fraud, no intimidation. Just good old voluntary and informed exchanges and that benefit both parties!! Sounds like a no-brainer to ME!

So here is my advice, to all you good, decent, moral , Live and Live ad Let Livers' out there in cyberspace:

This Election day Cancel your Voter Registration in "Moral Indignation", and then GO SHOPPING!!!

Just say NO to Political Government ! Stop giving your consent; Don't Vote.

Voting for a political candidiate is like getting to " choose" your own EXECUTIONER! Yuck!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

US Government Motto:If it ain't Broke, FIX It Till it IS!!

It appears obvious to me that whatever the government bans, or legislates to reform always gets worse, and the so- called "undesirable" behavior increases. Observe Reality:
The Drug war has increased illegal drug usage and kids use drugs at a much earlier age than before the war began.
Government health care and and nutrition programs have given us worse overall health, more obesity, as well as children with diabetes and high cholesterol.
Government schools have dumbed-down education and lowered literacy rates, plus the general populace is ignorant of economics, politics and history which is leading(or has lead) us to the destruction and bankrupcy of America through perpetual foreign war and killing of people who have done us no harm, and has allowed our natural human rights and freedoms to be stripped from us at home.
Government rules about firing and firing and attempts to prevent"discrimination" cause further resentment and therefore prevent many "protected" classes from getting jobs, promotions and rental agreements or credit as employers and landlords are afraid of potential lawsuits if things do not work as hoped or planned.
History Speaks Loud and clear when it comes to combining central planners with government force to improve societal woes the problems accelerate, and unintended consequences arise.
Then why do people keep looking for Government Solutions to problems? Who knows? I suspect Lack of confidence in their own abilities combined with a little laziness... ;-)
The nanny state has accomplised nothing but turn peaceful productive citizens into criminals and thus full game for the govenrment to kidnap, torture or plunder for breaking one of their arbitrary RULES!! Then they take our money and our property and use it on themselves, their buddies or bully and blow up some weaker foreign country. Government so-called protection is in reality a mob "protection racket". Its a complete SCAM! Why can't the majority of people in this country get this through their thick skulls?? My thoughts are Americans are so arrogant and naive , they think the party will never come to an end here, because "After all, This Is America; Gods Chosen Bunch and Leaders of the " Free World" you know!"
My alternative to the the governments so called safety and security from the womb to the tomb is pretty simple... Just get a job,keep your money and spend it on yourself and your loved ones and give to the charities of your choosing. No force or redistribution involved The result will be more and better co-operation more peace, more freedom, and More Happiness! UTOPIA ? No way. The world will always have poverty, disaster, illness and crime.
But face it folks,
Using Hired Guns against your neighbors to get what you want in life is NOT going to make the world a better place for any of us, and particularly " the children."

Friday, June 06, 2008

Liberate Yourself On D-Day and Everyday

Upon remembering D-day, the "Day of Days" June 6-1944, Liberate Yourself in memory of the 175,000 who made the " supreme sacrifice" Liberating Europe in World War 2.
Denounce the State and its violent apparatus as an " institution " necessary for human civilization. Declare your Respect for yourself and understand that Life , Liberty and Happiness are not achieved at the barrel of a gun.

If you want Liberty , here are some simple suggestions: For Starters, Do not vote in a political contest ever again, as voting serves to legitimize the state and the criminal gang who operate it and redistribute the bootie from the plundered group to the politically favoured group of the day.
Real voting occurs when individuals make choices in the marketplace using their feet and their hard earned money and property. If anyone expects to get Freedom or Liberty from a group of elites who get everything they have by force, robbery , murder and rape, you are living in La- La land!

Whether politically from the left or the right,(whatever that means) it makes no difference. The two false choices nourish one another. Socialist redistribution, whether domestically or through foreign intervention diminishes family and community, impoverishes the plundered citizenry, and produces more people who wind up being cannon fodder or "servants" for the powerful elite and political class. We Americans are never given the option of keeping our money and running our own life. Voting is a not an act of freedom, it is an act of slavery. Voting amounts to: Which "master" will beat me less, shorten my workday, and serve me the best rations? Scrap it .

Never give one red cent AKA bribe to another candidate for public office. In fact shun and ostracize the spineless tyrants.. Show them no respect whatsoever ! Do not invite then to your meetings, parties or ask them to march in your parade. They are the Enemy.

With regards to bureaucrats, who dub themselves public servants: Let's tell it like it truly is: YOU are the Public servant. They are the public parasites who work for 30 years at the most, get paid for 60 or more, all the while YOU work until you drop dead in the office trying to pay for their lavish benefits and retirement. Don't sit still without breaking out crying or laughing when you hear the phrase " public servant"when referring to politicians and bureaucrats...

Also, Do not attend celebrations of so called patriotic holidays and perform the rituals, sing the songs and bow down and subjugate yourself to Political or Military " Leaders". The thought makes me want to lose my lunch.

And Last but not least, Turn off the Television, Talk Radio, and Cancel the "news"paper. Use the Internet to seek information. Go outside and observe nature, exercise,and Think for yourself. Ignore the propaganda ; Focus on what YOU see! Go shopping and truly "Vote" with your money and your feet if you have any available dough to spend.

Live and Let Live!