Thursday, July 06, 2023

If 5 is a Mass Murder, What does that Make war??

  The  new defininition of  " Mass Murder"  is now 5 people killed, from what I have heard on the TV  and otherso called   official sources. 

Then  how on earth  would we  describe the " size" of WAR? 

  Super Sized  and   bloody Jumbo   Mass Murder????

** I  Can't think of a term  horriblle enough  for this  disgusting , stiupid ' irrational, sick  and gross human  activity!!**

  War kills multple  millions , maybe billions,  not to mention the people who are starved  and homeless later  and more who are  never born becuase the men are mostly the ones dying in the killing fields!

 ALSO> Most  all of the Killing is done to and by  people who never even   MET  each other , let alone have a bone to pick.!!!

  In Conclusion ; "  Is Mass Murder  Five People? " 

  According to Me :

No Way !!

 Lets get REAL!

Donna Mancini

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ignore the Propaganda; Focus on what You See!

Television and  any “media” of words and pictures is pure fantasy - not Reality,
The so called news is pure crap and propaganda designed to make you  think  You need Them to run your life and save the world  from  Total destruction .  
The truth is   The  tv “ news” is pure bull  and propaganda designed to make you think
You need the so called  ruling class nannies  to
  Protect and care  for you , 
 Wrong  and stupid  ,,
 The ' rulers"  advice   to the  'ruled'  is  always - Shut up, Pay and Obey -  Or ELSE!!!
War is  at the top  of their list on  ways to control  and scare people - and make sure they are " oberdient Slaves".
 Last I heard, billions  of people have been  killed, maimed , screwed up and lost  their  homes, property  and  lots of other stuff   in Wars    since we humans  graced the planet. 

 Strange way to  keep us safe  and prosperous  ?!

. I though Love One Another and Live and Let Live was the way to get along with your fellow man and woman.!!

Peace and Love  ,