Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No Nukes are good Nukes!

Who is good and who is evil is a matter of opinion and varies depending which side you are on.
 No country needs to have nuclear weapons  , period . No country needs to invade another country and kill their people and steal their stuff . There is no excuse for this kind of behavior ! And that means everyone!!

 The people who live in a country should determine how they want to live and go for it! Aggression is unnecessary. There is plenty to go around and  trading is the civilized way to get what you want and need .

War and killing  are counterproductive to say the least !

Why don't so many people get this simple logical fact?

Of course the ones who don't  "get it" are usually the ones who  are not involved in the bloodbath  themselves and whose children  are not being sacrificed on the altar of the Corporate State!

Life is precious. Live and Let Live.
Peace and freedom for all !

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Frankly my dear I don't give a Damn!

  Our elected  government representatives  don't give a damn about  me or you  or anyone other than their donors who pad their pockets. Our"reps"get special privileges , fat paychecks and  benefits and the rest of us are forced to pay  for them to live as kings on our labor.  If you think we do not have a Monaarch or Elite Rule- in America  - think again. Same book , different cover, lol.
Our elite's are out to get Rich and famous  and have a good time -period.We are nothing  more than slaves  who support their lavish  lives of sex , drugs and rock and roll!

The sooner we realize the truth - the sooner   All of us  who live  in this country will straighten it out and return  America to actually being " The  land of the freedom and opportunity for all!" 

Monday, October 09, 2017

Health insurance crisis!

 The so called Afordable care act also called Obamacare   Should be renamed the Unafordable  care act.  In truth it has had the opposite effect....
Health insurance premiums are  skyrocketing  at an astronomical rate for individuals and small businesses and anyone who is not  covered in a large group. 
  Friday my insurance man who  has a small family business with 2 employees pays $1800.00 a month  each for his two employees( 3600 a month) and  their families. That is more than many people make in a month!!!!

That is also before the  $6500 deductible. They still have to pay for office visits and medicine. 

 In 1976 I paid 11cents a week for health insurance.  That was before government started  intervening much  in the industry . Life was good. Health care was good. 
 Our medical system in America is officially INSANE ! Broken- by out government!!
And to add insult to injury you are forced to buy insurance or be fined? How can you do that?
It's totally unaffordable!!!

Repeal this horrible  law now! Do not replace.  Congress should admit  they  were wrong -and cut all out losses as working people in the USA! Let the free market work- supply and demand- free enterprise - like we had before.

Don't our elected representatives care about hard working Americans at all? It doesn't look like it!

Is this not  health insurance "slavery"?

Friday, October 06, 2017

Stop the violence!

 I am  disgusted by the  recent act of violence and senseless killing in Las Vegas that took over 50 innocent victims.

I am also disgusted by the behavior of our government which uses force , threats of force and violence as their mode of operation 24/7/365!

 We seem to think that if the government  killls people or locks them up for no good reason, that's ok-  but when an individual does the same thing, that's horrific!

The really big murders are performed by governments and named wars! The top killers are called heroes.
 The  regular killer  guy , wrong as he is, is labeled an evil beast and goes to prison or is killed for his deeds.

This is pure hypocrisy!

Killing is killing no matter who does it !

Please dear "parental "government - stop using force and murder to pursue your goals and maybe your" children" will follow suit!

Lead by example.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Too Many Rules and Regulations

All social problems are the result of slavery of the masses by a small group of elites. Most of this slavery is just fine and dandy by many of the slaves who think they are winners in the game,, as they get food ,clothing and shelter guaranteed and paid for by someone else.

 In reality , human beings are individuals who have  their own specific needs, values, tastes and beliefs, ambitions and much more!  A forced one size fits  all fits No  One  !

 The hatred, violencce  and bigotry we see in America and other countries is a result of one group gaining control of the government apparatus   at the expense of others. 

This of course is frustrating to put it mildly . 

 People  should have use of the fruits of their labor, their property, and do whatever they want with their own bodies as long as they do not use violence, force or fraud in the process. 

 Individual Liberty , personal choice and responsibility,and private property are what is needed to restore sanity in our Mad, Mad, world !

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Medical Care Mess is Government Induced!

In America now you are a  deemed a  criminal and fined if you do not purchase health insurance.
 The cost of health insurance for employed individuals of small business is exhorbitant and for many unaffordable.  The reason it is unaffordable is the government has rules about what the insurers must provide and who can provide services.  Insurers lose money, leave the market  and prices get higher .   If you are unemployed in America you get things free for yourself meaning paid for by the people  who work or taxpayers 
Big business  has group plans and gets good rates- and of course  lots of dough.
Small business has only a few employees -maybe one or two-  gets horrible rates  and has little dough.
 Government knows all this and continues on the same path to further screw things up ! 

Before the government started trying to "fix" health care  and provide for  the poor and elderly in 1960- things were going along just fine. Private charity helped those in need and doctors cut deals with the needy . 
We have a history of great health care and our leaders ignore it!   Free Enterprise  worked and can work again!  It seems  our  government just can't  leave well enough alone!

At the present time -  Small Business and Individuals  are getting the shaft!  In reality , all people get he shaft when government meddles. After all being a grownup  means you get to decide things for yourself.

Political science 101:
Big  government  wants to take your money and run your life .
Libertarians want you  to keep your money and run your own life. 

I am a Libertarian.
Check out  the Libertarian movement - Its everywhere!

Freedom Works!