Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sex,,Drugs and Peter Pan

I'm Sixty and Frisky;
I like nachos and Whisky.

Plus I can still get it ON!
My parts still work;
and the desire is not Gone.

Mad ,glad or sad
I just shop till I drop
No violence for me-
Just coupons and Iced tea!!

I don't watch TV, and I swim to feel Free,
and my Body and Brain work Damn Good for ME!!

Every Nite, my man and I walk in the woods
and talk about life.
Exercise and Nature do wonders-
to bust stress and strife!

In my Cadi sedan, Off stays the radio-
Exception to the rule: Storms and Tornadoes

My CD player, serves me well,
entertainment and tunes, when driving is Hell!

From My childhood I play Peter Pan,
who taught me to think lovely thoughts, and beleive that " I can".
At night, In my dreams I fly like a bird in the sky at will, and never take a sleeping pill!
I eat good food and am growing tomatoes. I watch my weight and skip fried potatoes...

At this point I don't need a Doc- But when I do:
I'm Going to POT!!