Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Dictators Should Dance and Have fun!!

 People who seek power over others are lacking fun in their lives! 
They need to get loose , have fun and go Dancing- Yeah!!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Ignore the Propaganda - Use your Head,

If you Obey Stupid , self destructive orders from  psychopathic Maskholes you are  worshiping them like “ Gods” . You think they are omnipotent and magical- better and different from you ...the fact is they are just   Basic humans who are full of shit. 

Get real folks- you’re   nuts if you think your “ government “ loves you or cares at all about you or your family.   So called government is a scam to separate a fool from his money and get naive suckers to do the “ rulers” dirty work. Wake up you sleepy heads- get up get out of bed,,,,

The truth is  your so called owners  - with your full cooperation and consent- are using you to do   Advance themselves and live in luxury and You apparently Love it ,,.j

De Mask - u - late  and refuse to cooperate, Freedom Now and Forever for  Peace and Love for All ,

Friday, December 18, 2020

The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy

   Hello Friends  from Around the  Globe, 

If you haven't been  reading The Corbett by James Corbett, I urge you to do so.  James is the greatest investigative  reporter I have ever encountered and his podcasts and video  documentaries  and interviews  are  excellent and life changing  beyond words!  Another excellent source of news and commentary is Media Monarchy with James Evan Pilato.  There are others I am sure but these two  are who I follow most frequently. They have lead me to discovering so many sources of news and  groups whose existence I was unaware. David  and Gary D Barnett. com  are also favorites. 

I will write more later, but I just wanted to pass along these  sources of information so you can understand what is going on now with the COVID Hoax and the " Great Reset" which is being orchestrated by the World Economic Forum  and the Elites of the world  under the guise of philanthropy and inclusion.  

 Freedom  will be lost forever if we do not Act NOW and Reject the New Inhuman , abnormal, Technocracy that is being forced upon us by those who presume superiority over us!!!

Start by refusing to wear a face diaper  and standing up  for your self and your  personal Liberty and Property Rights!  Face coverings are a form of  psychological torture and a symbol of submission and slavery as well as extremely unhealthy  and filthy.  Stay close to those you love  and enjoy and do the things the same way  you always did. We are  NOT  all  diseased !Its all a BIG LIE!  

 Refuse to consent  to your own slavery and do not cooperate with tyrants!!

Smiles and Hugs  are the meaning of life. . 

Mass Disobedience is the solution  to the   Insane Events  that have  plagued the Planet  in 2020. 

Disobey, Disobey, Disobey!