Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Only Rule Necessary At All!!

The only "rule "that  human beings should be obligated to follow is : Do not initiate  the use of force  or fraud  to get what you want. Individuals own themselves  and their   property .  The fruits of their labor  should be  at their command . You can only  get  what you want by volluntary  cooperation.
Our whole planet lives under  the coercion and control of  mobs and elites who think they are entitled to tell everyone else what to do- and steal their stuff , or eliminate  people  entirely they disapprove of for  one reason or the other
This is the key reason  the there are so many, unhappy, violent, unhealthy and unfortunate people everywhere !
Individuals need to reclaim their Liberty! We should  love and respect the only life  we will live and demand all the busybodies and tyrants leave  us alone .  These high powered  parasites  need to get a real job In the marketplace - where they actually  have to work and produce something of value you  want  or need .
We all know the current system  of taxation is stealing  and redistribution. Pure force plain and simple. !War is mass murder - your tax dollars at work. Padding one groups pocket at the expense of another's. Destroying   and killing  people and property in the name of "making us safe"   Totally sick, in my humble opinion.
The way to a  so called safe society is happiness and opportunity for all through  truly free enterprise,private property, individual liberty and personal responsibility. The natural right to Be the Best that you can be!!
Love and charity are when  each of us reaches out to our fellow humans voluntarily.
The more we embrace coercion and the managed society our Governments  shove down our throats - the more we live as pathetic childlike  slaves begging permission to be who and what we were born to be- fully functioning intelligent  responsible FREE men and women!!!

Freedom Works!!!