Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ignore the Propaganda; Focus on what You See!

Television and  any “media” of words and pictures is pure fantasy - not Reality,
The so called news is pure crap and propaganda designed to make you  think  You need Them to run your life and save the world  from  Total destruction .  
The truth is   The  tv “ news” is pure bull  and propaganda designed to make you think
You need the so called  ruling class nannies  to
  Protect and care  for you , 
 Wrong  and stupid  ,,
 The ' rulers"  advice   to the  'ruled'  is  always - Shut up, Pay and Obey -  Or ELSE!!!
War is  at the top  of their list on  ways to control  and scare people - and make sure they are " oberdient Slaves".
 Last I heard, billions  of people have been  killed, maimed , screwed up and lost  their  homes, property  and  lots of other stuff   in Wars    since we humans  graced the planet. 

 Strange way to  keep us safe  and prosperous  ?!

. I though Love One Another and Live and Let Live was the way to get along with your fellow man and woman.!!

Peace and Love  ,