Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Only fools surrender to their “protectors”

Since when did anyone care about  anyone of us other than our mother? Are you really dim enough to believe that restricting firearm ownership is about anything but disarming people so  when the  shit finally hits  the fan in a big way, and  our rulers can’t make good on their promises- to avoid embarrassment they will  try to eliminate their critics. Same shit, different country, different day, 
Have you ever asked yourself - Is kiling and war  “ Fun”?  It is not- so why do it?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Religion equals Government

Religion and government are different words  with a different spin on the same idea-
“ trust me- I know what’s best for you and your money “. Big Daddy in the sky loves you and needs money,!   I think this is  utter bullshit. Common people seem to think  political government benefits
Them but I  disagree. I think we are screwing ourselves with our idea of a Benevolent  master.  either you own yourself or someone owns  you. Wise up and demand to be a fully human and free individual

Your mind is all you have to guide you. Think and reason . Use your mind wisely,

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Worried about “ socialism” ?

It cracks me up when I hear people in America articulate their fears  of  becoming   So called Socialist -
We Americans  adopted the  welfare -warfare state 100 years ago .America is already  “socialistic.”   We steal from Peter and give to Paul  via taxation. We also regulate  and prohibit the  peaceful behavior of individuals and  their means of support: business.
This system operates  world wide - more or less.

What’s sad  is so many folks think they are “ Free”  when in reality we are FKN slaves! Most folks salivate  with joy when they see their Hero “rulers “ -who are  in reality robbing , killing, jailing   and impoverishing them. Disgusting in my opinion.
Americans  are  not alone with this problem. Dumbasses populate the planet worldwide, Laziness and Stupidity is universal.
  Freedom to live your life as  you please is being fully human.

Gods and Dictators - Same Idea- Different name

The mere idea that  certain people make arbitrary rules that everyone else must follow or be punished in a variety  of ways  including being robbed , jailed, tortured and  killed is an idea that parents use to make their children obey their dictates.
They start with “God “ will get you in the hereafter  - the Invisible man in the sky-and   the “authorities”progress to the police . teachers and government as times go on.
 In Reality- We have Human Rulers/ Dictators  who own , rule and control us on  their  personal whims, and  many if not most people think this situation is just fine and dandy /peachy keen.
The truth is Many people  LOVE   “authority”and use the “system “to force other people to live according to their  arbitrary beliefs and values  And get  their hot little hands on Other people’s stuff.

Not me.  I think people should be free to do as they please  and pursue their own brand of happiness  as long as they do  use force or fraud  in the process. Freedom and Responsibility to live as they choose peacefully without violating the equal rights of others.   The word for this is Libertarianism.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Same Schemes Different Country

On a trip to visit our  daughter in Scotland a few years ago , I found some of the  same exact English words had totally different meanings and connotations:
 We kept seeing” To Let “ on  storefronts and in the papers’ thus thinking a public toilet was nearby - only to be informed it  meant for lease or rent.  Another challenge for my mind  was adds in the paper for “Rest Rooms” which  were for Funeral Homes. Again , I am thinking toilets but actually the description is truly  very accurate:)
One  phrase I could not  relate to was “ flytippers” which my son-in - law translated into” litterbugs”. I will add there was  a front page article in the daily Inverness paper about a person who was a flytipper that sparked my curiosity on this term, which was equally amazing. Littering was major news in Scotland, not  the frequent  mass murders we Americans hear about on  our news media.

 While in the local  bar enjoying our scotch and brewskis we  saw signs prohibiting wearing team colors  on game days , as this supposedly “prevented violence”. Maybe  team sportts (or more  accurately  “Identity Politics) “really  IS the  reason for all the violence in the world today.?

My favorite I am saving for last:

Government “ Programs “were   called   SCHEMES  which means the folks who plan and supervise them would naturally be called SCHEMERS and the recipients  the SCHEMED. 

The word  means  officially organized plan or system in the U.K.
In my  USA  dictionary  it means doing something  dishonest or illegal- where the recipients ultimately get the shaft ,which is what actually happens with Government scams and schemes AKA “ programs”  in  America  since we started  having forced regulations on all facets of life and welfare nearly 100 years ago,,
No wonder we call the  Tax Department  the Internal Revenue Service and the War Department the Department of  Defense.
SSDW- Same Sh** Different Words!