Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Gods and Dictators - Same Idea- Different name

The mere idea that  certain people make arbitrary rules that everyone else must follow or be punished in a variety  of ways  including being robbed , jailed, tortured and  killed is an idea that parents use to make their children obey their dictates.
They start with “God “ will get you in the hereafter  - the Invisible man in the sky-and   the “authorities”progress to the police . teachers and government as times go on.
 In Reality- We have Human Rulers/ Dictators  who own , rule and control us on  their  personal whims, and  many if not most people think this situation is just fine and dandy /peachy keen.
The truth is Many people  LOVE   “authority”and use the “system “to force other people to live according to their  arbitrary beliefs and values  And get  their hot little hands on Other people’s stuff.

Not me.  I think people should be free to do as they please  and pursue their own brand of happiness  as long as they do  use force or fraud  in the process. Freedom and Responsibility to live as they choose peacefully without violating the equal rights of others.   The word for this is Libertarianism.

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