Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Worried about “ socialism” ?

It cracks me up when I hear people in America articulate their fears  of  becoming   So called Socialist -
We Americans  adopted the  welfare -warfare state 100 years ago .America is already  “socialistic.”   We steal from Peter and give to Paul  via taxation. We also regulate  and prohibit the  peaceful behavior of individuals and  their means of support: business.
This system operates  world wide - more or less.

What’s sad  is so many folks think they are “ Free”  when in reality we are FKN slaves! Most folks salivate  with joy when they see their Hero “rulers “ -who are  in reality robbing , killing, jailing   and impoverishing them. Disgusting in my opinion.
Americans  are  not alone with this problem. Dumbasses populate the planet worldwide, Laziness and Stupidity is universal.
  Freedom to live your life as  you please is being fully human.

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