Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sexcapades of the Rich and Famous

 The National conversation  in the US of A is about men and women who gave  and received a  touch to their genitalia  or were  talked dirty to~Some of these ecclesiastical events supposedly  happened 40 years ago.
In the big picture of life-  So what ?  Men and women have been doing it since creation.Why is this a serious national issue ? No one is dead. Sex is actually Fun for many if not most people.

Personally   I  think it’s wrong to give credence to heresay about long ago  sexcapades  and ruin people for life with absolutely no proof! If a woman  or man was raped or assaulted she/ he needs to go to the emergency room and call the police at the time it happened - or otherwise it should be “laid” to rest ( pun intended). The  Media , always looking for a good story , broadcasts  the shebang -  which destroys  people’s lives.  They are never held accountable for the lives they destroy. This is Sick!! 
  It’s sad that in America you can say anything you want about anyone- no matter how immoral or illegal it might be- and they put it in  all over the   News instead of waiting until a person is proven guilty in a court of law .Is this not a founding principle of our country.- Innocent until proven guilty?
 And in reality “ sex is  not life threatening -  and actually life enhancing😝 Sex is how we all got  here!
 I would prefer  my fellow humans to  voluntarily fondle Rather than forcefully   rob, assault, kidnap, cage and kill  each other.
If you don’t like being fondled- Just say No!!

The big picture is Just say no to  violence, killing  and war!

Donna Mancini  

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Unaffordable health care

What is affordable about an individual health insurance policy  that costs 500 a month and has a 14 thousand dollar  deductible before it pays anything?
 That's 2O thousand a year and the individual makes only 40 thousand a year before  his or her 25 percent taxes. So you are down to thirty grand  real money.

  What about food, clothing, shelter and transportation??

 Is this not  criminal ?

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Government Correspondence

I own a small family business   But  it doesn't really matter  if I am small or large .
He point is - I am supporting myself in an honest  and productive way with my own resources . 
 We collect and pay sales tax each month to the state . 6   Percent to be exact , on behalf of my customers. 
 I pay   Month after month , year after year. On time !

 When I make a slight mistake  on the form - and put something on  the wrong line or leave off a zero- the state  tax department  sends me a nasty  letter threatening  to seize my  property,my drivers liscense , and stiff fines with penalties for late payment !

 How about a phone call to ask what he Error might have been about? Or even an email or a nice inquiring letter?
  We the taxpayers and business  people  are paying  the  governments salaries! 
I want a  phone call or a letter Thanking me for working  myself and 
 Providing  them    with a job!!

Step up to the plate - dear government !

Thank  goodness for the Taxpayers!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No Nukes are good Nukes!

Who is good and who is evil is a matter of opinion and varies depending which side you are on.
 No country needs to have nuclear weapons  , period . No country needs to invade another country and kill their people and steal their stuff . There is no excuse for this kind of behavior ! And that means everyone!!

 The people who live in a country should determine how they want to live and go for it! Aggression is unnecessary. There is plenty to go around and  trading is the civilized way to get what you want and need .

War and killing  are counterproductive to say the least !

Why don't so many people get this simple logical fact?

Of course the ones who don't  "get it" are usually the ones who  are not involved in the bloodbath  themselves and whose children  are not being sacrificed on the altar of the Corporate State!

Life is precious. Live and Let Live.
Peace and freedom for all !

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Frankly my dear I don't give a Damn!

  Our elected  government representatives  don't give a damn about  me or you  or anyone other than their donors who pad their pockets. Our"reps"get special privileges , fat paychecks and  benefits and the rest of us are forced to pay  for them to live as kings on our labor.  If you think we do not have a Monaarch or Elite Rule- in America  - think again. Same book , different cover, lol.
Our elite's are out to get Rich and famous  and have a good time -period.We are nothing  more than slaves  who support their lavish  lives of sex , drugs and rock and roll!

The sooner we realize the truth - the sooner   All of us  who live  in this country will straighten it out and return  America to actually being " The  land of the freedom and opportunity for all!" 

Monday, October 09, 2017

Health insurance crisis!

 The so called Afordable care act also called Obamacare   Should be renamed the Unafordable  care act.  In truth it has had the opposite effect....
Health insurance premiums are  skyrocketing  at an astronomical rate for individuals and small businesses and anyone who is not  covered in a large group. 
  Friday my insurance man who  has a small family business with 2 employees pays $1800.00 a month  each for his two employees( 3600 a month) and  their families. That is more than many people make in a month!!!!

That is also before the  $6500 deductible. They still have to pay for office visits and medicine. 

 In 1976 I paid 11cents a week for health insurance.  That was before government started  intervening much  in the industry . Life was good. Health care was good. 
 Our medical system in America is officially INSANE ! Broken- by out government!!
And to add insult to injury you are forced to buy insurance or be fined? How can you do that?
It's totally unaffordable!!!

Repeal this horrible  law now! Do not replace.  Congress should admit  they  were wrong -and cut all out losses as working people in the USA! Let the free market work- supply and demand- free enterprise - like we had before.

Don't our elected representatives care about hard working Americans at all? It doesn't look like it!

Is this not  health insurance "slavery"?

Friday, October 06, 2017

Stop the violence!

 I am  disgusted by the  recent act of violence and senseless killing in Las Vegas that took over 50 innocent victims.

I am also disgusted by the behavior of our government which uses force , threats of force and violence as their mode of operation 24/7/365!

 We seem to think that if the government  killls people or locks them up for no good reason, that's ok-  but when an individual does the same thing, that's horrific!

The really big murders are performed by governments and named wars! The top killers are called heroes.
 The  regular killer  guy , wrong as he is, is labeled an evil beast and goes to prison or is killed for his deeds.

This is pure hypocrisy!

Killing is killing no matter who does it !

Please dear "parental "government - stop using force and murder to pursue your goals and maybe your" children" will follow suit!

Lead by example.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Too Many Rules and Regulations

All social problems are the result of slavery of the masses by a small group of elites. Most of this slavery is just fine and dandy by many of the slaves who think they are winners in the game,, as they get food ,clothing and shelter guaranteed and paid for by someone else.

 In reality , human beings are individuals who have  their own specific needs, values, tastes and beliefs, ambitions and much more!  A forced one size fits  all fits No  One  !

 The hatred, violencce  and bigotry we see in America and other countries is a result of one group gaining control of the government apparatus   at the expense of others. 

This of course is frustrating to put it mildly . 

 People  should have use of the fruits of their labor, their property, and do whatever they want with their own bodies as long as they do not use violence, force or fraud in the process. 

 Individual Liberty , personal choice and responsibility,and private property are what is needed to restore sanity in our Mad, Mad, world !

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Medical Care Mess is Government Induced!

In America now you are a  deemed a  criminal and fined if you do not purchase health insurance.
 The cost of health insurance for employed individuals of small business is exhorbitant and for many unaffordable.  The reason it is unaffordable is the government has rules about what the insurers must provide and who can provide services.  Insurers lose money, leave the market  and prices get higher .   If you are unemployed in America you get things free for yourself meaning paid for by the people  who work or taxpayers 
Big business  has group plans and gets good rates- and of course  lots of dough.
Small business has only a few employees -maybe one or two-  gets horrible rates  and has little dough.
 Government knows all this and continues on the same path to further screw things up ! 

Before the government started trying to "fix" health care  and provide for  the poor and elderly in 1960- things were going along just fine. Private charity helped those in need and doctors cut deals with the needy . 
We have a history of great health care and our leaders ignore it!   Free Enterprise  worked and can work again!  It seems  our  government just can't  leave well enough alone!

At the present time -  Small Business and Individuals  are getting the shaft!  In reality , all people get he shaft when government meddles. After all being a grownup  means you get to decide things for yourself.

Political science 101:
Big  government  wants to take your money and run your life .
Libertarians want you  to keep your money and run your own life. 

I am a Libertarian.
Check out  the Libertarian movement - Its everywhere!

Freedom Works!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Standing and sitting for freedom

So what if a bunch of football players, or anyone else ,  does not stand  up for a song ? That's their right to express their  views.
   If their  employer has a  rule they are required  to Stand for the National Anthem they should  comply,be fired for non compliance or quit their job .

If your employer does not have a policy on the topic then it's your call.  Everyone else can MYOB, thank you very much!

With regard to "patriotism"-forced  patriotism is no patriotism at all.

 The   Flag is a symbol of  our country and   Our values which are defined in  the Constitution.
The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and  the right to protest the government and the status quo-peacefully .
  Forcing people to salute the flag or stand for the national anthem is  a direct contradiction to the
 Principles and values our nation  represents!
 In reality ,  a giant
  stadium full of people who Boo  the Government song and dance routine would be great way to get  the pulse on what Americans truly think  about  our country's policies and rules !!!!
No fighting, killing or destroying property .
Just  say boo for Freedom!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Explosions Implosions

In 1993  I  saw the Belknap building  in Louisville , Ky . being imploded  with dynamite  and  free fall to the ground . A local company where my husband worked  wanted to clear the  riverfront property for their new building . They had a big Shebang which means food, drink, music and dancing , on the sidelines so everyone could experience the demolition close up. I remember the explosions , the free fall into a pile of debris and the dust moving towards the crowd . Too cool!'
I have my dust mask,  some bricks and pictures  of all of us with Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes as a souvenir.  Sylvester Stallone / Rocky was the star and  was in the media spotlight!
Hollywood used this exciting event  to promote the movie "Demolition Man"

The moral of the story is - free fall collapse of buildings is a result of a planned and carefully executed implosion. Fires  and   Plane crashes do not cause buildings  to blow up , fall directly down and turn into a  neat pile of dust. 

  Physics 101 .

Water is a Weapon at the Airport

Nowadays you have to discard your water or other liquids before you can enter the secured area of the airport. This is where they  put you through the body scanner or the metal detector and examine you and your stuff. Up until this magical point you can have your beverages and they will sell it to you or you can drink from fountains.
Immediately after you  go through the  security area you are sold water, pop or booze,or can fill your empty bottles back up and you are given water and beverages on the plane. 
If liquids  ( more than 3ounces) can make bombs-  why are we ever allowed to have  4 oz of liquids at all- Anywhere?
Quite frankly, the worst problem I have ever seen as a result of  a good size fluid intake was long lines  for the bathroom .

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Speaking out and Peacefully protesting are GREAT!!

Peacefully protesting and speaking your mind are good and natural and should be respected. 
 Nothing or no one is above reproach !!!
In fact , if someone or a group tries to shut out criticism - that is a sure fire way to  know that their position is weak or wrong and they have no confidence in their own ideas. 
Good ideas  and values stand on their own merit. Good does not fear evil. 
When an individual or group uses force or intimidation to get compliance  you KNOW the idea was idiotic! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rockets, Bombs and bullets for Peace?

 Look out people!  If the fueding Hotheads get their way the  rockets,bombs , and bullets  will undoubtedly wipe out  many decent ,peaceful, productive   people  on the planet who are just trying to make an honest living and  have a little fun before they kick the bucket!
 Our  Misleaders tell us that when  an evil  despot  is making the  same bombs We and other nations have, we need to annialate  their  country and people plus many of our own AND who knows how many unfortunate "others " in order to save  the  world from the evil despot. But  just to be "Nice"we can try to make the guy  cooperate  by cutting  off trade with  his  country (aka sanctions) which will hurt everyone on all sides except the evil despots, who will continue to live in luxury and never miss a meal- lol!!!

 I fail to see the logic in  any of this. If fact it's downright stupid and absurd!

It's not like people have not been down this road before . SSDD .  Sanctions cause misery which leads to desperation which leads to war!

 We all know that the average Joe and his family get killed, maimed , and have their lives and property destroyed in a war( especially nuclear) DUH - and the Elites who started the shebang  will have underground bunkers full of champagne ,steak and caviar, escort "services", probably even pools and golf courses, and come out fat and happy and  write Books about their experiences as a world leader and the tough jobs they have .......

A famous singer in my generation , who got Wasted away in  Margaritaville - wrote a song titled
"Why don't we just get drunk and  screw"- and another  mantra was: Make Love not War.

Sounds like a better plan than anything our so called elected representatives have pulled out of their bag of tricks!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

What a wonderful world!

Just  returned home from visiting Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Montenegro. Earlier in the year we visited   Hungary, Slovakia, Germany , Czech Republic , Austria and Switzerland .The year before we visited   Turkey  on a Mediterranean cruise .
 We have also visited Canada , the Caribbean , and Mexico .  We  have visited Scotland England and the Netherlands .  The USA from sea to  sea.

North , south, east and west- all the people are the BEST!!!!!

River cruises, ocean cruises, planes , busses, walking , trams, cabs -you name it- whatever gets to to where you want to go.

In these many locations we have met people from basically EVERY  country:)

The moral of the story is: The world  and the  People are beautiful and wonderful -other than a "few jerks " -just want to Live and Let Live , have fun  and sell  their stuff to you for which they are truly proud!!!

 We are all members of the " United Nations" and "World Ambassadors"as we travel and shop near and far.

  Travel and trade before you " invade" !

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Zip it !

Trump needs  to shut  his mouth ! His verbal diarrhea accomplishes nothing good or productive when it comes to  popping off about nuking  peoples in any country- Period !

Trump is bad news in the getting along in the world category!
He flat out does not care about human life , or ANY Life for that matter !

The same is true for all folks who advocate War.

They are all bad, evil people and not to be followed or respected.

Why can't government use its strength and resources to fix the disaster s Mother Nature creates  instead of making matters worse?

Bring back Dueling

Since Donald Trump and Kim Jong appear to dislike each other  and the rest of us in the two countries get along just fine-   I say let these two guys work out their diffences between themselves and leave us out of it!

The way to accomplish this  is DUELING!

 We have a history of this  method of conflict resolution in America and we know it works.

US Secretary of the Treasury  Alexander Hamilton lost to  VP Aaron  Burr in 1804 and is buried in New York City .

Put Donald and Kim in a Ring in  Las Vegas and give them both a weapon of their choice (as long as its not  a nuke)  and  let the best aim win!!

Get corporations to sponsor the  Event - Put the whole thing on Pay for View , and  pay off the trillions  of National Debt!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Pot is Hot and Rocky Mountains get Higher$$$$

Since Cannabis has become officially legal in  certain states in the USA, albeit it medical or recreational- it has become a multi billion dollar industry .Especially Colorado!!!  Ways to consume the plant  now far exceed old fashioned  joints , bongs  and  Brownies :)
Needless to say , This  has brought in plenty  of tax dollars  plus the  residents are much happier and easier to get along with . Crime and addiction are down . Television news  recently reported a mothers play group caring for they children under the influence and being less stressed . Imagine that ...

The convention business is soaring in Denver .
  The original Rocky Mountain High on company funds -
 It doesn't get any better than that!!

I wonder why all the rest of the US states , and the rest of the world, too, don't  get  with the program?

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Wine and Beer are fine and near .

Hi Friends,

I'm basically a wino  when it comes to the drug department . I do beer on a hot day.
I love CharDONNAy-
Hey , they named it after me😎

I  ingest only  the legal stuff , lol
I believe  Individuals should be left alone and not  be  forced to live under arbitrary dictates  of other people for  getting their jollies! How about the  Right to Life , Liberty and pursuit of Happpiness  our Declaration of Independence talks about?

To those of you that prefer to ingest non government approved AKA  "illegal "substances I ask- Why don't you protest.?

We do own our own bodies , don't we?

Nursing is a dangerous job

 Last night the TV news
reported  an Emergency Room Nurse was  handcuffed and terrorized by a policeman in  Salt Lake City , Utah because she complied with her job description which said she could not take blood from someone without their consent.
Instead of  the police  dealing  with  the nurses supervisor in a sane fashion-he grabbed  the woman, arrested  her and dragged her outside  screaming and crying . How did she know she would not be shot? Or beat to a pulp by  this  man - or raped ? She could have had a stroke or heart attack or fallen - or who knows what!!!!
   Is this not assault and battery at its zenith?

The  remedy for this abomination to a peaceful, decent human being who was doing their job and helping others -this violent, disrespectful   thug is getting" administrative leave "- Read Paid Vacation!
This is the standard treatment in America when police do horrible things to individuals.

So the moral of the story is-  Beat, kill and Scare the hell out of people to get paid time off!!

Friday, September 01, 2017

Floods and Wars

Now that  Houston is under water and the whole Planet has been ravaged by occasional Hate  and nasty behavior- Will We stop building in flood zones , overpaving  the earth and  most importantly Stop killing ourselves and others -?  In my hippie generation we cried: Make love not war!!

"We are great, we are fine ,

We're the class of '69!!!!!!!!!!!

Disco Donna

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Where is the voice of Reason?

 Just about everything we see and hear defies truth and logic nowadays!

The "Prez" claimed he was going to put up a wall and have Mexico pay for it and mow he's threatening to shut down the government and bankrupt the country! Never mind the fact that people climb walls for a reason and will continue to do so as long as people want to come to America. 
There is no mention of Why  Mexicans or anyone else wants to immigrate in the first place. 

Health insurance premiums ,and medical care overall is skyrocketing in price! People go bankrupt  because of hospital and doctor bills -as well as are "forced" to find or stick with  their jobs long past exit time so they can get health insurance.  Our rulers answer to this problem is to keep doing more of what caused the mess - and Force people to buy health insurance or be punished!!!

The fact that the health care "Crisis" began in the 1960ties  with Medicare and Medicaid and  the  government giving  employers tax breaks to provide health  insurance as  an employee benefit instead of wage increases.   Before the government got into the health care business people bought cheap hospitalization insurance and paid their own doctor bills. 
My own  Group  health policy  cost me  11 CENTS a week in 1976. I made $202.00 a week.  My son was born in 1979. I paid the Doctor $500. 00 out of pocket and the hospital $1276.00 for a four day stay in a private room and the delivery room. 
Most of the people in charge of things now come from my generation- the Baby Boomers
 Born 1945-1964. 
Surely  my peers remember the "Good olds days"! I would laugh but its really not funny-too many people are getting hosed .  
The cure is simple. Get the government's nose  OUT of our minds and bodies.....
Which leads to the WAR of Drugs!
 This fiasco has lead to crime , corruption, death and destruction and now people are overdosing on heroin and opioids on a regular basis. !!
We all know Alcohol prohibition  screwed the country up Big time because practically everyone has seen The Godfather with Marlon Brando and Al Pacino....Alcohol prohibition was repealed after about 10 years - common sense did prevail eventually. 
Our current WAD of  wasted Life,Liberty and Property has been going on for nearly 50 years and no one  knows Why or examines the  fact that legalization reduces addiction, corruption and violence . meddling in people's personal business is the root of all evil!

Education is more of the same .  Central planning  by so called experts AKA the government and The Whole system goes straight to Hell ! I hear they teach  booze  making in college now for credit, but you get arrested for drinking " too much". ( You can't make this stuff up)
Old people and intelligent younger folks alike  should come clean  and realize there IS and  WAS Life before  the Nanny State and it was Better for everyone !

The Voice of Reason  is the always the answer- irregardless of the question!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

What will be the Next thing to Go?

Besides flags and statues, which are small potatoes in the Big Picture of Life - Think of the   Liberties
That are History in the US and around the planet -
This is just a few as the list goes on and on....

Control of your body- meaning rules on what you can ingest  voluntarily and what type of treatment you can get for your aches and pains as well as where you can work and for what compensation.

What you can do with your fruits of your labor and your property! Think taxes,  rules on money and employment and   Rules on how  and what to do  with your home and business .

 Rules on travel .... Where you can go with your rulers permission  and what you can take with you or ingest  even without harming others .

Rules and punishment for raising and schooling your children against other people's ( the governments) values .

Ability to express  yourself  and your values -  so called Hate speech.

If the Government  wants you to fight in a war- and get killed and maimed -against your will- that's your tough luck ! They call Slavery the "draft" .

We are forced to  buy Health insurance , lol - just in case we might need to go to the doctor "someday".

  What is left for Individuals to choose anymore-
The color of your toothbrush😝

Sunday, August 20, 2017

War is Always Stupid!

Kill  unto others
as you would have others
Kill unto you-

French Fried People  and  Planet
Also known as dead ,miserable  and Shit out of luck!


Personally, I see no benefit  in wasting our resources  on things that destroy life  We are all going  to die soon enough.
The  weapon manufacturers  should retool their equipment   to  fix  what is broken  and  make what we need as human beings on Planet Earth!

And these people who POP OFF about blowing everything  up - they need to be FIRED! 

Our Leaders are Nuts-and so are We .

 Every day  I live I think I have "seen it all" and every day I am wrong ! Stupidity  Keeps Improvimg on itself!
Our  Shepherds and the Flock are both nuts !

  It seems killing and maiming are in fashion and  perfectly OK - depending on what Side you are on and  Beating the Hell out of people to "protect them" from their Evil ways?  is   also the IN thing to do . Now they want to Nuke the planet  because a few  ding- dongs can't get along( or get it up -;)

Isn't it time to  change things and Save Ourselves and our Children?

Remove Everything for Peace and Love

Removing statues is like removing pencils so people won't write  hate books.  Removing flags is the same. Last year we banned the Confederate flag and bigotry  is still alive and well it seems .

Symbols  mean different things to different people.  Symbols don't cause people to act. People choose to act !
Will we now change all the street names and  our family names ?Breckinridge lane , Adolph ? No more Archie's-( remember Archie Bunker?)Should Jefferson Davis  Musuem  and Obelisk in Fairview ,Ky. be closed? Davis went to Transylvania and West Point. Let's close them ,too .
Should  we get rid of chocolate so people won't get fat? Let's close  drug stores so people can't get pain killers. Some  people take offense to the big Noah's arc In Kentucky . Should we get rid of it?

Should we paint ourselves a different color to show solidarity for other races? Change our religion?
Should we not travel to Germany or Russia , Asia    Or the Middle East anymore , or anywhere ? Everyone has done something mean at one time or another...

Once all the "symbols "  statues, flags , words ,objects , names and places are removed in America will we now have  unity , peace and love?  
The answer is  absolutely NOT!!Quite the opposite is true . Tolerance and respect for others is the answer . If you don't like something -look the other way,don't go there,  or just don't do it yourself!

Freedom Works!!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Only Rule Necessary At All!!

The only "rule "that  human beings should be obligated to follow is : Do not initiate  the use of force  or fraud  to get what you want. Individuals own themselves  and their   property .  The fruits of their labor  should be  at their command . You can only  get  what you want by volluntary  cooperation.
Our whole planet lives under  the coercion and control of  mobs and elites who think they are entitled to tell everyone else what to do- and steal their stuff , or eliminate  people  entirely they disapprove of for  one reason or the other
This is the key reason  the there are so many, unhappy, violent, unhealthy and unfortunate people everywhere !
Individuals need to reclaim their Liberty! We should  love and respect the only life  we will live and demand all the busybodies and tyrants leave  us alone .  These high powered  parasites  need to get a real job In the marketplace - where they actually  have to work and produce something of value you  want  or need .
We all know the current system  of taxation is stealing  and redistribution. Pure force plain and simple. !War is mass murder - your tax dollars at work. Padding one groups pocket at the expense of another's. Destroying   and killing  people and property in the name of "making us safe"   Totally sick, in my humble opinion.
The way to a  so called safe society is happiness and opportunity for all through  truly free enterprise,private property, individual liberty and personal responsibility. The natural right to Be the Best that you can be!!
Love and charity are when  each of us reaches out to our fellow humans voluntarily.
The more we embrace coercion and the managed society our Governments  shove down our throats - the more we live as pathetic childlike  slaves begging permission to be who and what we were born to be- fully functioning intelligent  responsible FREE men and women!!!

Freedom Works!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shortest road to Pure Bliss !

Do you want to add years to your life and life to your years?
It's a simple exercise anyone of any age or fitness level can do!  Free and Legal !! No calories, carbs, caffeine, drugs or alcohol:

Money back guarantee ! Works immediately with the turn of a knob!

Turn off the TV.
Next step :  Go outside and experience  the awesome Beauty  and Variety in Nature!
 Something really worth watching- in my opinion of course!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Self 0wnership is Real Freedom!

 The  mere Idea that people that lived before you ,whether it  be thousands of years ago or just yesterday,RULE you and are entitled to your body, property, and labor  through a  so called  non-consensual  "social  contract"  is so absurd it would be funny if it were not a Reality  on planet Earth  today!
In my opinion, this  unique  behavior  practiced by  humans demonstrates how truly stupid "we"  are as a species. Apparently the large brain and supposed intelligence that goes with  it didn't do  us  any good when it comes to understanding what living conditions  produce a peaceful, prosperous , meaningful and happy life for us critters! And  the big brain doesn't seem to help our learning skills or memory either; since time after time we have been shown in horrific and deadly ways that power corrupts- and absolute power corrupts in   Much Grander Style !!
Do  thinking adults really need  or want " guidance" AKA regulations , rules, punishment and  a childish cash "allowance""from their   so -called  " elected representatives" from the cradle to the grave?   I thought being a grown-up was about charting your own course, making your own decisions and learning how the world works through personal experience! I am  age 66  and still asking for permission from my "superiors" to do my thing, lol
 I think  many people  know they are being screwed by a host of  PC's (privileged characters )  and   Institutions  but would rather not admit it-and face the despair of knowing you are at  your "owners"mercy with little to no recourse . 

 Why is NOTA - none of the above- not on the ballot ?

  Is  our government  afraid that given  the opportunity  We the ordinary people   would choose freedom and personal responsibility-also known as living a fully human life?
 I would !!

The Left and Right in 20 Words

The "left" doesn't want to worry about losing their Job,
and the "right"doesn't want  anyone to do anything Kinky!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Ask why -not how!

 As I observe the  world around me /aka  my environment/ space - I ask myself " Why the violence and discord "?  The answer is simple and stark.  Individuals who impose their will on others by force , negating the natural desire of each human being to think and choose his or her own values is a rude disgusting and arrogant behavior.   Politics and  so called rules are the name of this "game" . I say stop playing the game  and enjoy life and  the wonderful interesting people on  this earth!! Variety is beautiful and interesting !! Learn  something!!