Sunday, October 01, 2017

Medical Care Mess is Government Induced!

In America now you are a  deemed a  criminal and fined if you do not purchase health insurance.
 The cost of health insurance for employed individuals of small business is exhorbitant and for many unaffordable.  The reason it is unaffordable is the government has rules about what the insurers must provide and who can provide services.  Insurers lose money, leave the market  and prices get higher .   If you are unemployed in America you get things free for yourself meaning paid for by the people  who work or taxpayers 
Big business  has group plans and gets good rates- and of course  lots of dough.
Small business has only a few employees -maybe one or two-  gets horrible rates  and has little dough.
 Government knows all this and continues on the same path to further screw things up ! 

Before the government started trying to "fix" health care  and provide for  the poor and elderly in 1960- things were going along just fine. Private charity helped those in need and doctors cut deals with the needy . 
We have a history of great health care and our leaders ignore it!   Free Enterprise  worked and can work again!  It seems  our  government just can't  leave well enough alone!

At the present time -  Small Business and Individuals  are getting the shaft!  In reality , all people get he shaft when government meddles. After all being a grownup  means you get to decide things for yourself.

Political science 101:
Big  government  wants to take your money and run your life .
Libertarians want you  to keep your money and run your own life. 

I am a Libertarian.
Check out  the Libertarian movement - Its everywhere!

Freedom Works!

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