Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shortest road to Pure Bliss !

Do you want to add years to your life and life to your years?
It's a simple exercise anyone of any age or fitness level can do!  Free and Legal !! No calories, carbs, caffeine, drugs or alcohol:

Money back guarantee ! Works immediately with the turn of a knob!

Turn off the TV.
Next step :  Go outside and experience  the awesome Beauty  and Variety in Nature!
 Something really worth watching- in my opinion of course!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Self 0wnership is Real Freedom!

 The  mere Idea that people that lived before you ,whether it  be thousands of years ago or just yesterday,RULE you and are entitled to your body, property, and labor  through a  so called  non-consensual  "social  contract"  is so absurd it would be funny if it were not a Reality  on planet Earth  today!
In my opinion, this  unique  behavior  practiced by  humans demonstrates how truly stupid "we"  are as a species. Apparently the large brain and supposed intelligence that goes with  it didn't do  us  any good when it comes to understanding what living conditions  produce a peaceful, prosperous , meaningful and happy life for us critters! And  the big brain doesn't seem to help our learning skills or memory either; since time after time we have been shown in horrific and deadly ways that power corrupts- and absolute power corrupts in   Much Grander Style !!
Do  thinking adults really need  or want " guidance" AKA regulations , rules, punishment and  a childish cash "allowance""from their   so -called  " elected representatives" from the cradle to the grave?   I thought being a grown-up was about charting your own course, making your own decisions and learning how the world works through personal experience! I am  age 66  and still asking for permission from my "superiors" to do my thing, lol
 I think  many people  know they are being screwed by a host of  PC's (privileged characters )  and   Institutions  but would rather not admit it-and face the despair of knowing you are at  your "owners"mercy with little to no recourse . 

 Why is NOTA - none of the above- not on the ballot ?

  Is  our government  afraid that given  the opportunity  We the ordinary people   would choose freedom and personal responsibility-also known as living a fully human life?
 I would !!

The Left and Right in 20 Words

The "left" doesn't want to worry about losing their Job,
and the "right"doesn't want  anyone to do anything Kinky!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Ask why -not how!

 As I observe the  world around me /aka  my environment/ space - I ask myself " Why the violence and discord "?  The answer is simple and stark.  Individuals who impose their will on others by force , negating the natural desire of each human being to think and choose his or her own values is a rude disgusting and arrogant behavior.   Politics and  so called rules are the name of this "game" . I say stop playing the game  and enjoy life and  the wonderful interesting people on  this earth!! Variety is beautiful and interesting !! Learn  something!!