Friday, October 22, 2010

Americans Waste a Wad on the WAD!

I am sick and tired of hearing so called marijuana reform advocates talk about the " failed" War Against Drugs( WAD).
It's like they are saying that the reason the WAD should be ended is because it is being "LOST";since the WAD costs billion of dollars, more people take drugs than ever at a younger age than ever, and party animnal's are clogging up the courts and prisons and law enforcement is bribed and corrupted with big bucks! Of course these are indications that it is not acheiving its intended goals and wasting alot of taxdollars - But WHAT if the Government were Winning- Would it Be OK then? What if they just tried a harder to get us to Just say NO to Drugs ?
The Government could really Get" Tough" and just shoot everyone on sight who was using or selling any illegal substance! This technique would reduce the number of users Immediatly, free up lots of court and prison space, and save advertising money which would dramatically reduce size and cost of the WAD.
Would this mean the WAD was WON and could be declared a "success"?

Corpses don't complain to their "MisRepresentatives"- so maybe the answer is YES ;-)

Another concern on this topic that burns me up: You never hear anyone in the Media or any of our Rulers asking anyone WHY they risk life, liberty abnd property to ingest outside ingredients into their Bodies!! Don't they give us any credit at all for being human and having personal tastes or desires? Could the answer simply be - Some people like drugs, and find the experience pleasurable, and are drugs are easy to manufacture or find because of Econmic Reality 101: Supply and Demand and visa-versa.

Now, the real point of this "op-ed" :
We own ourselves and what we choose to put inside ourselves is no-one elses business.Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good, relaxed or "HIGH".So people should quit apologizing for themselves! If I was writing a CONstitution for America it would be real simple- one line- one FOUR letter acronym easily understood by All:

MYOB/ Mind your own Business!!
Period, Amen.

Let's quit talking about what people ingest, or what they do for entertainment- and focus on the Big Picture!
What are you actually making of your own life- If you are a self suppporting/ non violent adult in private or given the permission of the Property owner - its no one elses concern how you behave!
Are you using force or fraud against anyone else? Are you supporting yourself with honestly earned funds? Do you provide for your dependents ? Are you minding your own business in the privacy of your own home?Do you clean up after yourself?

In essence: If you hold down a job,don't cheat or steal,keep your children from playing on the railroad tracks and Cut you Grass- Pun intended:)

You are a GOOD Humanoid by Me!

Friday, May 21, 2010

In Praise of Profit

" I like Money" From the movie 'Idiocracy'

Profit is Proper. Profit deserves Priase. Profit is a beautiful concept- as it is only possible when individuals or groups produce a product or service that other people want, need and like, and put their Money where their mouth is and BUY the thing! This is WONDERFUL in my estimation. Someone, somewhere is doing something RIGHT and getting rewarded for their efforts!
Most people that profit-WITHOUT GOVERNMENT PRIVLEGE, FORCE OR FRAUD- are making other peoples lives better- and thus helping their fellow human beings pursue happiness.

Those who pooh-pooh profit either no not understand or want to deny that Behavior has consequences. Hard work,planning, intelligence and good management of resourses should be encouraged, praised and rewarded. Profit is money left over from the costs of doing business- either to give to the employees, investors or to expand the business- for a Job Well Done.

Reality Check: Some businesses and people of course have short term" there is a sucker born every minute" philosophies. Buyer Beware! There always have and always will be " crooks" on the Planet. Government and law enforcement was supposed to get rid of these types, but the last I heard they were still around........

What would be the point of working or running a business if Profit or excess product of some kind suitable for trade with others were not your driving force? Why do people admire " non- profits"? Would LOSS or failure be a laudable goal? My answer is NO with a capital N. What is it about the term " non profit" that some folks find so appealing? Why is it that making money to provide neccessities and pleasures for yourself and others is scorned by many people and not given the respect it truly deserves? In my mind this is one of the Great Mysteries of Life.

Could Jealousy and Envy possibly have a part in this seemingly "unique" human phenomenon ? ;-) Sour Grapes so to Speak?

So, to all of you Entrepreneurs and Business Owners out there who ARE making a PROFIT- I say Thank you . My Hat is off to you. Keep up the GOOD WORK!

My life is Better for your efforts.

For those of you who are NOT Faring so Well: Be thankful for those who are- becuase the balance of our lives is dependent on their creative ability and success.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Dislike Government

I will NEVER like Government and their Offspring:" Bureaucracy".

They are STUPID, WASTEFUL and ALWAYS Make Matters WORSE!

More of my Poetry:

Government is RUDE,
Government is NASTY,

This may sound CRUDE:
But I'm No PATSY!

Monday, May 10, 2010


When an Individual says he or she believe in GOD It seems to Me like they are trying to admit they don't know what caused creation or Life , but feel Like they SHOULD know. By using the term GOD- they cover their bases- since there is no way any human mind can define or understand the Ultimate and Infinite, at least in my humble opinion...

I am very Happy to announce that I don't have a CLUE about Who, What , When , Where, Why or How the universe began- and I don't really care.

I just want to enjoy my LIfe on the Planet, with the People I LOVE !
I do KNOW that Life is GRAND!

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Last night some guy called my house soliciting donations for a " Pro LIfe" organization. I politely let him know that my definition of " PRO-LIFE" is daily exercise and eating Lots Of Broccoli!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

What is Legal?

The term Legal means what your Masters allow you to do, without threats of punishment. Your Rulers main objective is to eliminate their competition,by gunpoint if necessary. Doing something "illegal" genenerally means you Questioned Authority, and hopefully Rejected IT!! GOOD for YOU! Thinking Works!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Tokes, Toddies and Freedom

I'm 59
I Drink my Wine

I could smoke Pot
But I choose Not

Since my My Nannies in Washington say I Cannot!!

A toke or a toddy-
It's my Own Damn Body!!

And What I put in it
Should be Up to Me!

How can this be? I am told I am FREE'

But Reason tells Me I am NOT.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Donna Mancini's version of JFK's Quote

" Ask Not what your Country can do for you; but what YOU can do for YOURSELF, if your 'Country' just leaves YOU the Hell Alone!"

I Believe in Freedom!