Sunday, November 05, 2017

Unaffordable health care

What is affordable about an individual health insurance policy  that costs 500 a month and has a 14 thousand dollar  deductible before it pays anything?
 That's 2O thousand a year and the individual makes only 40 thousand a year before  his or her 25 percent taxes. So you are down to thirty grand  real money.

  What about food, clothing, shelter and transportation??

 Is this not  criminal ?

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Government Correspondence

I own a small family business   But  it doesn't really matter  if I am small or large .
He point is - I am supporting myself in an honest  and productive way with my own resources . 
 We collect and pay sales tax each month to the state . 6   Percent to be exact , on behalf of my customers. 
 I pay   Month after month , year after year. On time !

 When I make a slight mistake  on the form - and put something on  the wrong line or leave off a zero- the state  tax department  sends me a nasty  letter threatening  to seize my  property,my drivers liscense , and stiff fines with penalties for late payment !

 How about a phone call to ask what he Error might have been about? Or even an email or a nice inquiring letter?
  We the taxpayers and business  people  are paying  the  governments salaries! 
I want a  phone call or a letter Thanking me for working  myself and 
 Providing  them    with a job!!

Step up to the plate - dear government !

Thank  goodness for the Taxpayers!