Saturday, August 29, 2020

The New Slavery 2020 Style

People seem to want to believe slavery has been outlawed , thus abolished and therefore does not exist any more. They also seem to believe only people of color or from certain countries were ever slaves.  In other words Slavery is a thing of the past  but whole groups of people were victimized and are forever being treated differently by society at large. The answer to all that appears to be destroy everything in sight and make matters worse for everyone...

My premise is Slavery has not been abolished at all, but actually expanded. People of all races and hues are now slaves and have been for many years but they don’t want to admit it, as it is sad to have to say you have owners and the national story line “ Land of the Free and home of the brave” is  false made up  nonsense.
 No person or people who get drafted against  their will into  any kind of labor or military service is  Free! Only the voluntary and informed decisions of individuals are  are deemed free. Coercion and Intimidation are not used in a truly Free Society!
Income taxation and taxes in general are taken by force or threat of force.  This is not freedom in any real sense of the word. Prison and fines for what you choose to ingest or do on your property are not part of a free society. The list goes on- you get the drift.
Now we have tyrants who give us “orders “  on what to do  in our businesses , social lives, churches, school, outdoor sports , beaches,  and clothe our bodies.  Politicians and Bureaucrats and other assorted  “ experts and leaders”demand  we follow their arbitrary rules 24/7/365 and stop living our lives  just because they say so! They tell us it’s to keep us “safe”!,Make me laugh,, Our Elite Billionaire Masters are getting richer by the millisecond and we are dying on the vine and going broke, Don’t worry though, the government will send you sone free money for a while until  Billionaire Bill comes up with a shot to  force on everyone so no one ever  gets sick or dies  again!  He must be God  with glasses !

“ So just  gag yourself in public , don’t socialize  or work, keep kids out of school, stop visiting grandma in the nursing home or better yet
 stay home alone so you won’t catch a cold  or flu.We’re all in this together !”

  My new poem:
  Shut up, Pay and Obey; It’s the New American Way! The New Slavery  is here to stay!

Get in the cattle car, you  Vermin.....