Friday, November 08, 2013

Donna Mancini would make Government TEENIE!!

Thats the way I like it UH-HUH- UH HUH........

Hey , I am a PEACE AND LOVE CHILD OF THE 60TIES.Those wonderful years When I rejected Authority I am glad I did.

I Don't believe other people know what is right or best for me.I am all I have in the way of leadership.

How logical is it to believe that someone
who has never even met you, cares about you and knows what is best for you? I think the idea that our polititans and representatives have our interests at heart is wishful thinking, naïve,idiotic, juvenile, etc, etc. In reality They have a fat job blowing YOUR money and telling YOU what to do , and it you don't OBEY , the Guns are on the WAY!

Also, to make a long story of government control of the health care industry short: As a Hospital dietitian in 1976 I made $202.00 a week;$154.02 net. I paid 11 CENTS a week for group health insurance. You read it right. 11 Cents! $5.72 a year. Zero percent of my income to be exact. Fast Forward 37 years: Gross pay $690 a week. Ninety bucks a week for health insurance. 20-25% net pay. This is of course EFORE any trips to the doctor, hospital or pharmacy. I think it is accurate to say that we are modern day slaves to the government controlled and regulated health/insurance industry. There is no such thing as a Free market in health care and there has not been for many years. People used to just pay their own medical bills like any other normal expense before the government got involved.When I was a kid my mom took me to the pediatrician for $3.00. Doctors used to make house calls for five or ten ..... US GOVERNMENT MOTTO:If it aien't broke- Fix it till it IS!