Monday, December 04, 2006

The Doctor Makes A house Call in 1963

My health care is making me sick

by Donna Mancini
Getting sick is high on my list of life’s biggest hassles these days! Excuse me if I am sounding like an “old fogie” when I reminisce about the “good old days;” but, I can’t help thinking back on my childhood (in the 50’s and the 60’s) when my mom and dad would call our family doctor who lived in the neighborhood.
Dr. Greenfield would keep my dad calmed down who was such a worry-wart that he would get sick along with me and my two sisters. Sometimes the doctor would just send a prescription, which I know is considered a no-no these days, however, I must confess to still being alive at the ripe old age of 55 and 7 months young! Other times we would go to his office, or would you believe he would even make a “house call.” For those of you who are too young to have experienced this extinct phenomena … this is when the doctor actually comes to see you at home. Yes, you get to lie in bed in your jammies, under the covers watching TV and eating popsicles where you belong when you are sick. Such a novel idea.
I fondly remember the time I was about 12, I had some kind of bug that had me blowing chunks (my son’s 90’s term) for several days. As usual my dad got sick along with me, so my mom would have two people to clean up after. In comes Dr. Greenfield, trying as always to relax my worried father. (I see the two of them playing ping-pong in the dining room?)
Unfortunately, Dr Greenfield died shortly thereafter of a massive heart attack in his forties. There may have been a line between his overzealous medical practice and his untimely death, or maybe it was in his “genes?” I don’t know what he charged for all of this, but there was no such thing as insurance and my parents were not wealthy. We just paid the bills as your health and your family are your own responsibility. After all, is that not what life is all about?
Needless to say, it was good while it lasted.
Contrast that to medical care in the present.
The first question I get asked when I pursue medical treatment is who is your insurance company and the responsible party. There is no one who is willing to give you any simple advice or reassurance for fear of being blamed for wrongdoing or sued for malpractice. The doctor that I had for 25 years, all my adult life, recently quit taking my insurance provider. Sure, I could pay out of pocket for office calls or non-catastrophic expenses in order to stay with him, but what if the “big one” does hit? Then what? No one else knows my history or me.
I am really upset over this, as just when I am getting old enough to need a doctor BOOM-he is gone!I felt comfortable with Dr. John. I trusted him personally and professionally. We had worked together at a local hospital where I was a dietitian. He knew my family and husband. He knew my quirks and neuroses. He had seen me “au natural.” This is a big deal to me - changing doctors. This is like getting a divorce and having to date again. I want my doctor back! I’m a person who won’t even change grocery stores because I know where the food is.
A few (10) years ago when my father died, my mother in her grief called her health plan only to find the last doctor who had seen her was no longer there. My mother, at age 71, could not get anyone to give her a Valium during her crisis! For this kind of care we pay BIG BUCKS. Hundreds and thousands of dollars? I think we were all better off before the big insurance companies and the government came to rescue us concerning our health care needs.
I have heard that you can get antibiotics at pet stores for fish, and they are the same thing people take. I recently bought a ten-pack of penicillin pills at the local pet supplier for 3.89 because I have been sick with “whatever” for nearly a month. I wimped out and did not take them due to all the warnings on the label discouraging what I was about to do! (Some people actually do read warning labels) I guess logic did dictate that I was different from my Cichlids. I have saved the pills for the next case of “ICK!” in our tank.
But, alas, I have survived despite any medical treatment at all other than some aspirin, a little wine, a few over the counter remedies, and advice from my handy home medical advisor.
I’ve read they are about to come out with a do-it-yourself PAP smear. I wish they would hurry up, as I am already overdue on that one too.
I am going to end it here. Too much talk about getting sick is bad for ones health! I’m going shopping to make myself feel really better.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Little About Donna as Printed in the Local Paper...

Donna Walker Mancini

Bachelor's Degree, Foods and Nutrition, University of Louisville,Internship in Clininal Nutrition, Luthern General Hospital, Illinois, Master's Degree, Health Education and Wellness, University of Louisville
Civic involvement
Volunteer Louisville Ballet Partners; Ladies Auxillary VFW; Daughters of the American Revolution;Volunteer, University Hospital;former board member, DuPont Manual High School PTSA
Small Business Owner and Financial manager
Web address
Why do you want to get involved in Government Service?
I totally respect individuals and their absolute right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness as long as no force or fraud to other individuals is involved. I am as frugal and fiscally responsible as a person can get; and I will watch your hard earned money like a hawk! I have vast working experience in both the public and private sector; which includes health care and nutrition; sales, service and finance; insurance; fundraising; and volunteer work. I enjoy and embrace diversity.I detest violence and force,and support the use of diplomacy, trade and education to solve the worlds problems. I want to go to Washington to bring honesty,integrity and true citizen involvement back to governement. We need to rethink and revise the way government operates in America today. I think term limits are advisable as the money and power are corrupting even the most humble and decent people who attempt to serve our Country!
What is the most crucial issue facing the office you are seeking, and how would you address it?
The massive growth of government spending, and unlimited power handed over to the executive branch by the current lazy,apethetic,lapdog congress.I would work to halt the spending spree,balance the buddget, end the Patriot Act, wiretapping ,and the assorted other assaults on our civil liberties. I want to restore morality and the rule of law in America. The departure from our founding principles of equal treatment under the law, no arbitrary power,and no cruelty is mind-boggling and sickening to me. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you!
If elected, what would be your chief priorities?
End the present military occupations and the "war on Terrorism", which in reality increases terrorist attacks and hostility towards America. Adopt and practice a policy of non-intervention in the political affairs of nations worldwide and bring our troops home to be used for legitimate national Defense only. Drastically Reduce taxes and Government spending, and Reduce the size,cost,scope and power of the federal government.Let the American people keep their own money and run their own life! End the War on Drugs, which is actually a war on the personal freedom of peaceful,consenting adults; causes crime; is wasting billions of tax dollars and promotes illicit drug usage among youth.

On Drugs: Freedom to Choose is what life as all about!

Freedom to choose is what life is all about!
Posted in NtheDrgWar by R Lee Wrights on November 20th, 2006
by Donna Mancini
Regarding the “War on Drugs,” it seems to me that no one “important” ever asks the obvious question: Why do people take drugs in the first place?
I think we should interview every person who takes illegal drugs (who will admit it), and ask him or her why did you risk, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to smoke, snort, eat or inject a forbidden substance into your body?
I think the answer might be that the person wants to feel good or get high. Can someone explain what is wrong with wanting to feel good or “get high?” Are we supposed to want to feel bad or “get low?”
This world is full of people who are feeling miserable or low, who go to their doctor or psychiatrist who prescribes an assortment of drugs to alleviate their maladies which are costly, have side effects and pose dangerous health risks. Cannabis has never been known to kill or overdose anyone and the problems caused by other ‘illegal drugs’ are small potatoes compared to the problems in American today related to food, obesity and lack of exercise, which is not criminalized, yet.
Running on the treadmill, swimming and lots of love keep me up 99% of the time, but as a 55-year-old peaceful, responsible adult the choice of how to elevate my mood ought to be up to me, not the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court or the local Health Department or even my own momma!
Also, why should the pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on the feeling good business? I think a little home gardening and free-enterprise are appropriate in a so-called free country. It would sure put a lot of people back to work, stimulate the economy and free up the prison space for the real criminals who hurt other people.
In my humble opinion, only the most evil and arrogant among us seek to use the long arm of the law, aka government, to force others to live by their personal and arbitrary rules. I think the obvious solution to the issue is simple yet stark: If you don’t like drugs, (or anything else), don’t take drugs (or anything else) yourself. This translates to: Mind your own body and your own business; and, leave everyone else’s life alone. Imagine what a wonderful world it would be!
In closing, if you don’t like the freedom of choice argument try this one: The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest - Bible 101. Kids do whatever you tell them not to do, on general principle; and, intelligent adults don’t like to be pushed around by other people either. “Just about everything I like is illegal, immoral or fattening,” says an old wooden sign in my kitchen that belonged to my daddy. After all, if the so-called experts and authorities say it is bad for us, or make it illegal, you know it has to be down-right wonderful.
The moral of the story is: I’m a Libertarian and I’m pro-choice on everything.

Donna Walker Mancini was Kentucky’s most recent Libertarian candidate for 3rd District Congress. Find out more about Donna at

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some Thoughts on the Important Issues in America

Strictly Limited Government with fewer laws and government programs would be good for America........

Three Legislative Priorities

*End the Current War On Terror, bring home all the troops worldwide, and adopt a foreign policy of non-intervention in the political affairs of other countries. Use the Military to Defend American soil.. Limit the Power of Government officials and restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Treat all people fairly and humanely. Torture, cruelty and arbitrary imprisonment are wrong and serve no useful purpose , ANYWHERE. Advance world peace with respect, friendship and Trade. Absolutely NO DRAFT in America, ever.

* Drastically Cut taxes and Government Spending.
Down-size DC. Let Americans shop for what they want and pay for what they get in the marketplace.

*End Drug Prohibition, which like alcohol prohibition breeds violence and crime, drains tax dollars, and jails peaceful, productive consenting adults. In other words, Restore private property rights, individual liberty and personal Responsibility . Al;so, No bans on smoking, eating, fats,gambling, sex, seat belts, helmets or anything else that restrains an adult from making his own choices, good or bad, for himself.

On Making healthcare more affordable and accessible:

Government should get out of the healthcare business altogether. The Governments entry into financing and regulating healthcare in the 60ties is what has caused the crisis of cost and availability of services that we have today. The answer is more people paying for their basic health care with their own money, which will give people the incentive to shop for better prices and not use the system unnecessarily, which will in turn reduce costs. Third Party Payers always raise costs. Insurance was designed originally to take care of catastrophes, and as we departed from that basic use, and started using insurance for general maintenance of our bodies, the problems with healthcare began.Government is the least efficient and most expensive way to do almost anything. A free market in healthcare could solve America's health care problems.

How can we solve our nations energy problems and reduce consumption of fossil fuels?

Where the free market is allowed to work , some genius will invent a new car that can run without oil or fossil fuels of any kind. History has shown that where there is Freedom, and a high potential for Profit in the marketplace the regular people enjoy more and better goods and services,more disposable income and leisure time, and greater personal happiness! High taxes and heavy government regulations decrease ones incentive to produce new and innovative goods and services. The government should cease stifling business and thank their lucky stars that we have brilliant minds in America that can tap new forms of energy and help preserve our natural resources. Freedom Works!

How do we get out of Iraq?

I am not a military General, However, I think our presence is the region is increasing the violence and suicide bombings. No matter what our intentions may be , we are making matters worse in Iraq, and more and more people are being savagely killed and maimed. I think we should get out now and reduce everyones losses. I would not send more troops, and during the exit, I would down-play the presence of the ones that are there. Many people are threatened and intimidated by the presence of police, and when people are scared they react in all all kinds of ways, some of which are very Bad.

How do we Make the nation more secure?

I would make our nation more secure by limiting the Power and authority of the Government, as I think we are losing our Freedom from within, and this is a much greater threat to America and our way of life than "foreign enemies." Our present government is way out of control and has" crossed the line" , and we the people need to rein them back in ! First and foremost, Americans should never give up their natural right to keep and bear arms, which is in reality the right to self-defense against individual criminals or a tyrannical state. More guns in the hands of our citizens mean less crime. Government perpetrates many more acts of violence against its own citizens , and the people of the world, than basic thugs could ever imagine in their wildest dreams! Our government and national defense failed us miserably on 9-11. Had the pilots and passengers been armed and the cockpit door secured the whole scenario might have been easily avoided.

People who give up freedom for safety and security wind up with neither... Ignore your Rights and they'll go Away!!