Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On Drugs: Freedom to Choose is what life as all about!

Freedom to choose is what life is all about!
Posted in NtheDrgWar by R Lee Wrights on November 20th, 2006
by Donna Mancini
Regarding the “War on Drugs,” it seems to me that no one “important” ever asks the obvious question: Why do people take drugs in the first place?
I think we should interview every person who takes illegal drugs (who will admit it), and ask him or her why did you risk, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to smoke, snort, eat or inject a forbidden substance into your body?
I think the answer might be that the person wants to feel good or get high. Can someone explain what is wrong with wanting to feel good or “get high?” Are we supposed to want to feel bad or “get low?”
This world is full of people who are feeling miserable or low, who go to their doctor or psychiatrist who prescribes an assortment of drugs to alleviate their maladies which are costly, have side effects and pose dangerous health risks. Cannabis has never been known to kill or overdose anyone and the problems caused by other ‘illegal drugs’ are small potatoes compared to the problems in American today related to food, obesity and lack of exercise, which is not criminalized, yet.
Running on the treadmill, swimming and lots of love keep me up 99% of the time, but as a 55-year-old peaceful, responsible adult the choice of how to elevate my mood ought to be up to me, not the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court or the local Health Department or even my own momma!
Also, why should the pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on the feeling good business? I think a little home gardening and free-enterprise are appropriate in a so-called free country. It would sure put a lot of people back to work, stimulate the economy and free up the prison space for the real criminals who hurt other people.
In my humble opinion, only the most evil and arrogant among us seek to use the long arm of the law, aka government, to force others to live by their personal and arbitrary rules. I think the obvious solution to the issue is simple yet stark: If you don’t like drugs, (or anything else), don’t take drugs (or anything else) yourself. This translates to: Mind your own body and your own business; and, leave everyone else’s life alone. Imagine what a wonderful world it would be!
In closing, if you don’t like the freedom of choice argument try this one: The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest - Bible 101. Kids do whatever you tell them not to do, on general principle; and, intelligent adults don’t like to be pushed around by other people either. “Just about everything I like is illegal, immoral or fattening,” says an old wooden sign in my kitchen that belonged to my daddy. After all, if the so-called experts and authorities say it is bad for us, or make it illegal, you know it has to be down-right wonderful.
The moral of the story is: I’m a Libertarian and I’m pro-choice on everything.

Donna Walker Mancini was Kentucky’s most recent Libertarian candidate for 3rd District Congress. Find out more about Donna at www.myspace.com/donna4freedom.

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