Friday, October 06, 2017

Stop the violence!

 I am  disgusted by the  recent act of violence and senseless killing in Las Vegas that took over 50 innocent victims.

I am also disgusted by the behavior of our government which uses force , threats of force and violence as their mode of operation 24/7/365!

 We seem to think that if the government  killls people or locks them up for no good reason, that's ok-  but when an individual does the same thing, that's horrific!

The really big murders are performed by governments and named wars! The top killers are called heroes.
 The  regular killer  guy , wrong as he is, is labeled an evil beast and goes to prison or is killed for his deeds.

This is pure hypocrisy!

Killing is killing no matter who does it !

Please dear "parental "government - stop using force and murder to pursue your goals and maybe your" children" will follow suit!

Lead by example.

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