Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No Nukes are good Nukes!

Who is good and who is evil is a matter of opinion and varies depending which side you are on.
 No country needs to have nuclear weapons  , period . No country needs to invade another country and kill their people and steal their stuff . There is no excuse for this kind of behavior ! And that means everyone!!

 The people who live in a country should determine how they want to live and go for it! Aggression is unnecessary. There is plenty to go around and  trading is the civilized way to get what you want and need .

War and killing  are counterproductive to say the least !

Why don't so many people get this simple logical fact?

Of course the ones who don't  "get it" are usually the ones who  are not involved in the bloodbath  themselves and whose children  are not being sacrificed on the altar of the Corporate State!

Life is precious. Live and Let Live.
Peace and freedom for all !

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