Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Too Many Rules and Regulations

All social problems are the result of slavery of the masses by a small group of elites. Most of this slavery is just fine and dandy by many of the slaves who think they are winners in the game,, as they get food ,clothing and shelter guaranteed and paid for by someone else.

 In reality , human beings are individuals who have  their own specific needs, values, tastes and beliefs, ambitions and much more!  A forced one size fits  all fits No  One  !

 The hatred, violencce  and bigotry we see in America and other countries is a result of one group gaining control of the government apparatus   at the expense of others. 

This of course is frustrating to put it mildly . 

 People  should have use of the fruits of their labor, their property, and do whatever they want with their own bodies as long as they do not use violence, force or fraud in the process. 

 Individual Liberty , personal choice and responsibility,and private property are what is needed to restore sanity in our Mad, Mad, world !

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