Thursday, September 21, 2017

What a wonderful world!

Just  returned home from visiting Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Montenegro. Earlier in the year we visited   Hungary, Slovakia, Germany , Czech Republic , Austria and Switzerland .The year before we visited   Turkey  on a Mediterranean cruise .
 We have also visited Canada , the Caribbean , and Mexico .  We  have visited Scotland England and the Netherlands .  The USA from sea to  sea.

North , south, east and west- all the people are the BEST!!!!!

River cruises, ocean cruises, planes , busses, walking , trams, cabs -you name it- whatever gets to to where you want to go.

In these many locations we have met people from basically EVERY  country:)

The moral of the story is: The world  and the  People are beautiful and wonderful -other than a "few jerks " -just want to Live and Let Live , have fun  and sell  their stuff to you for which they are truly proud!!!

 We are all members of the " United Nations" and "World Ambassadors"as we travel and shop near and far.

  Travel and trade before you " invade" !

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