Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rockets, Bombs and bullets for Peace?

 Look out people!  If the fueding Hotheads get their way the  rockets,bombs , and bullets  will undoubtedly wipe out  many decent ,peaceful, productive   people  on the planet who are just trying to make an honest living and  have a little fun before they kick the bucket!
 Our  Misleaders tell us that when  an evil  despot  is making the  same bombs We and other nations have, we need to annialate  their  country and people plus many of our own AND who knows how many unfortunate "others " in order to save  the  world from the evil despot. But  just to be "Nice"we can try to make the guy  cooperate  by cutting  off trade with  his  country (aka sanctions) which will hurt everyone on all sides except the evil despots, who will continue to live in luxury and never miss a meal- lol!!!

 I fail to see the logic in  any of this. If fact it's downright stupid and absurd!

It's not like people have not been down this road before . SSDD .  Sanctions cause misery which leads to desperation which leads to war!

 We all know that the average Joe and his family get killed, maimed , and have their lives and property destroyed in a war( especially nuclear) DUH - and the Elites who started the shebang  will have underground bunkers full of champagne ,steak and caviar, escort "services", probably even pools and golf courses, and come out fat and happy and  write Books about their experiences as a world leader and the tough jobs they have .......

A famous singer in my generation , who got Wasted away in  Margaritaville - wrote a song titled
"Why don't we just get drunk and  screw"- and another  mantra was: Make Love not War.

Sounds like a better plan than anything our so called elected representatives have pulled out of their bag of tricks!

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