Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Bring back Dueling

Since Donald Trump and Kim Jong appear to dislike each other  and the rest of us in the two countries get along just fine-   I say let these two guys work out their diffences between themselves and leave us out of it!

The way to accomplish this  is DUELING!

 We have a history of this  method of conflict resolution in America and we know it works.

US Secretary of the Treasury  Alexander Hamilton lost to  VP Aaron  Burr in 1804 and is buried in New York City .

Put Donald and Kim in a Ring in  Las Vegas and give them both a weapon of their choice (as long as its not  a nuke)  and  let the best aim win!!

Get corporations to sponsor the  Event - Put the whole thing on Pay for View , and  pay off the trillions  of National Debt!

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