Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Explosions Implosions

In 1993  I  saw the Belknap building  in Louisville , Ky . being imploded  with dynamite  and  free fall to the ground . A local company where my husband worked  wanted to clear the  riverfront property for their new building . They had a big Shebang which means food, drink, music and dancing , on the sidelines so everyone could experience the demolition close up. I remember the explosions , the free fall into a pile of debris and the dust moving towards the crowd . Too cool!'
I have my dust mask,  some bricks and pictures  of all of us with Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes as a souvenir.  Sylvester Stallone / Rocky was the star and  was in the media spotlight!
Hollywood used this exciting event  to promote the movie "Demolition Man"

The moral of the story is - free fall collapse of buildings is a result of a planned and carefully executed implosion. Fires  and   Plane crashes do not cause buildings  to blow up , fall directly down and turn into a  neat pile of dust. 

  Physics 101 .

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