Sunday, August 20, 2017

Remove Everything for Peace and Love

Removing statues is like removing pencils so people won't write  hate books.  Removing flags is the same. Last year we banned the Confederate flag and bigotry  is still alive and well it seems .

Symbols  mean different things to different people.  Symbols don't cause people to act. People choose to act !
Will we now change all the street names and  our family names ?Breckinridge lane , Adolph ? No more Archie's-( remember Archie Bunker?)Should Jefferson Davis  Musuem  and Obelisk in Fairview ,Ky. be closed? Davis went to Transylvania and West Point. Let's close them ,too .
Should  we get rid of chocolate so people won't get fat? Let's close  drug stores so people can't get pain killers. Some  people take offense to the big Noah's arc In Kentucky . Should we get rid of it?

Should we paint ourselves a different color to show solidarity for other races? Change our religion?
Should we not travel to Germany or Russia , Asia    Or the Middle East anymore , or anywhere ? Everyone has done something mean at one time or another...

Once all the "symbols "  statues, flags , words ,objects , names and places are removed in America will we now have  unity , peace and love?  
The answer is  absolutely NOT!!Quite the opposite is true . Tolerance and respect for others is the answer . If you don't like something -look the other way,don't go there,  or just don't do it yourself!

Freedom Works!!

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