Sunday, August 27, 2017

Where is the voice of Reason?

 Just about everything we see and hear defies truth and logic nowadays!

The "Prez" claimed he was going to put up a wall and have Mexico pay for it and mow he's threatening to shut down the government and bankrupt the country! Never mind the fact that people climb walls for a reason and will continue to do so as long as people want to come to America. 
There is no mention of Why  Mexicans or anyone else wants to immigrate in the first place. 

Health insurance premiums ,and medical care overall is skyrocketing in price! People go bankrupt  because of hospital and doctor bills -as well as are "forced" to find or stick with  their jobs long past exit time so they can get health insurance.  Our rulers answer to this problem is to keep doing more of what caused the mess - and Force people to buy health insurance or be punished!!!

The fact that the health care "Crisis" began in the 1960ties  with Medicare and Medicaid and  the  government giving  employers tax breaks to provide health  insurance as  an employee benefit instead of wage increases.   Before the government got into the health care business people bought cheap hospitalization insurance and paid their own doctor bills. 
My own  Group  health policy  cost me  11 CENTS a week in 1976. I made $202.00 a week.  My son was born in 1979. I paid the Doctor $500. 00 out of pocket and the hospital $1276.00 for a four day stay in a private room and the delivery room. 
Most of the people in charge of things now come from my generation- the Baby Boomers
 Born 1945-1964. 
Surely  my peers remember the "Good olds days"! I would laugh but its really not funny-too many people are getting hosed .  
The cure is simple. Get the government's nose  OUT of our minds and bodies.....
Which leads to the WAR of Drugs!
 This fiasco has lead to crime , corruption, death and destruction and now people are overdosing on heroin and opioids on a regular basis. !!
We all know Alcohol prohibition  screwed the country up Big time because practically everyone has seen The Godfather with Marlon Brando and Al Pacino....Alcohol prohibition was repealed after about 10 years - common sense did prevail eventually. 
Our current WAD of  wasted Life,Liberty and Property has been going on for nearly 50 years and no one  knows Why or examines the  fact that legalization reduces addiction, corruption and violence . meddling in people's personal business is the root of all evil!

Education is more of the same .  Central planning  by so called experts AKA the government and The Whole system goes straight to Hell ! I hear they teach  booze  making in college now for credit, but you get arrested for drinking " too much". ( You can't make this stuff up)
Old people and intelligent younger folks alike  should come clean  and realize there IS and  WAS Life before  the Nanny State and it was Better for everyone !

The Voice of Reason  is the always the answer- irregardless of the question!

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