Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sexcapades of the Rich and Famous

 The National conversation  in the US of A is about men and women who gave  and received a  touch to their genitalia  or were  talked dirty to~Some of these ecclesiastical events supposedly  happened 40 years ago.
In the big picture of life-  So what ?  Men and women have been doing it since creation.Why is this a serious national issue ? No one is dead. Sex is actually Fun for many if not most people.

Personally   I  think it’s wrong to give credence to heresay about long ago  sexcapades  and ruin people for life with absolutely no proof! If a woman  or man was raped or assaulted she/ he needs to go to the emergency room and call the police at the time it happened - or otherwise it should be “laid” to rest ( pun intended). The  Media , always looking for a good story , broadcasts  the shebang -  which destroys  people’s lives.  They are never held accountable for the lives they destroy. This is Sick!! 
  It’s sad that in America you can say anything you want about anyone- no matter how immoral or illegal it might be- and they put it in  all over the   News instead of waiting until a person is proven guilty in a court of law .Is this not a founding principle of our country.- Innocent until proven guilty?
 And in reality “ sex is  not life threatening -  and actually life enhancing😝 Sex is how we all got  here!
 I would prefer  my fellow humans to  voluntarily fondle Rather than forcefully   rob, assault, kidnap, cage and kill  each other.
If you don’t like being fondled- Just say No!!

The big picture is Just say no to  violence, killing  and war!

Donna Mancini  

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