Saturday, December 19, 2020

Ignore the Propaganda - Use your Head,

If you Obey Stupid , self destructive orders from  psychopathic Maskholes you are  worshiping them like “ Gods” . You think they are omnipotent and magical- better and different from you ...the fact is they are just   Basic humans who are full of shit. 

Get real folks- you’re   nuts if you think your “ government “ loves you or cares at all about you or your family.   So called government is a scam to separate a fool from his money and get naive suckers to do the “ rulers” dirty work. Wake up you sleepy heads- get up get out of bed,,,,

The truth is  your so called owners  - with your full cooperation and consent- are using you to do   Advance themselves and live in luxury and You apparently Love it ,,.j

De Mask - u - late  and refuse to cooperate, Freedom Now and Forever for  Peace and Love for All ,

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