Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Politics and Voting is for Hypoctites and Thugs

It is immoral to support " government", because logic dictates that if a behavior is wrong for individuals , it is also wrong for groups of individuals. The motivation for the behavior, or who commits the crime is irrelevant. A crime is a crime is a crime.
If it is wrong for me to rob my neighbor, because he is richer than I am, and I want some of his stuff, then it is wrong for the government to tax people at gunpoint, and redistribute the loot. If it is wrong for me to kidnap and restrain someone because I do not approve of their behavior, then it is wrong for the government to jail and detain people who have not used physical force or hurt anyone else. If it is wrong for me beat or kill my family because they don't follow my arbitrary " rules" it is wrong for the government to hurt and kill its own people and start wars around the globe .
When a person Votes in a political election, they are saying they believe in using a hired gun to make other people obey their every whim, while at the same time professing crimes by individuals are wrong. It appears to me that this form of Voting is for hypocrites and thugs and is BAD.

GOOD or " Moral" voting occurs when people shop for what they want and pay for what they get in the marketplace , Freely,without coercion, with their own honestly earned money and property. No Force, no fraud, no intimidation. Just good old voluntary and informed exchanges and that benefit both parties!! Sounds like a no-brainer to ME!

So here is my advice, to all you good, decent, moral , Live and Live ad Let Livers' out there in cyberspace:

This Election day Cancel your Voter Registration in "Moral Indignation", and then GO SHOPPING!!!

Just say NO to Political Government ! Stop giving your consent; Don't Vote.

Voting for a political candidiate is like getting to " choose" your own EXECUTIONER! Yuck!!

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