Friday, September 19, 2008

Rotten Political System invites Rotten Candidiates

The fact that the candidates for president are rotten, is one thing, but I take real issue with the office for president and the political voting system itself.
I do not need or want a power hungry , violent,arrogant jerk, who is disrespectful of other people and their rights and property
claiming to represent me OR for that matter anyone claiming to represent me. I am my own "commander in chief".
I know the term is supposed to be for the military, but in reality it now amounts to running the country and the rest of the planet!
Political voting is unnecessary. If the federal government ceased and desisted operation immediately , and never returned, life would go on, much more efficiently and more peacefully than ever before. All we could say would be " Good Riddance"!!!

All presidents are the same, or they would not be President.

No Normal Decent person would want the job !

Sending your kids to kill and be killed as "rent a cops" in foreign lands is not a job for an intelligent and caring human being.

Getting to vote for President in these United States is like getting to pick your own Executioner: The END result is going to be the same and it is not for your Benefit ;-)

Just say NO to ROTTEN Political Power !

On Election Day, Do some real Voting :
Spending your Own Hard earned Money on the goods and services YOU and YOUR family prefer in the Market place.
Shop for what you want, and Pay for what you get by Yourself !

No Politicians or Bureaucrats anywhere to be found!

WOW, is that not what Life, Liberty and what the pursuit of Happiness is really about ?

Now if we could just get our Government to stop bombing people around the globe, locking people up at home who are not hurting anyone , and wasting our resources on destructive wasteful social schemes and projects, we would really be making progress towards living like Civilized human beings in a free society. I wonder if I will live long enough to see such a state of affairs?

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