Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is there to Like about Government ?

What is there to like about Government?

Government is bullies and know it all's who use physical force, or the threat of physical force to take your hard earned money and property and force you to live by their RULES and value system.
People don't need to be forced to do what is good for them. Voluntary co-operation, SELF INTEREST and social control keep us on the straight and narrow, and the few who don't can be dealt with individulaly, without the Government monopoly on force known as the POLICE.

Think about it, Everything the Government does and forces us to do is illogical, dumb, and always proves to make matters worse. History will confirm this statement. Look at education, health care and retirement/poverty.... Three of the Governments Main Projects are in deep do-do.

For America to become Free and the Land of opportunity for all, the Grassroots People have to wake up and understand what government is, and why Government or FORCE is wrong and bad, and how it prevents people from living a Fully Human life and subjugates us to serfdom and slavery.
People should shop for what they want, and pay for what they get, with their OWN money in the marketplace.
Government and Political solutions do not Work. Never Have , never will.

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