Saturday, December 24, 2016

I'm Alive and Sixty- Five . I am Me and I am Free!

 I did not say" I live in a  Free  country." I get tired of hearing this statement. It's, vague, confusing,  meaningless and dishonest.

 First   of all -  a " country " is  a piece of land... aka Real Estate. Land  ownership costs money.  Also,  "Land " does  not determine the  Freedom of those who  reside  there.  Land itself  has no  opinions , rules or monetary costs.
 PEOPLE do that! -" Rulers" AKA Governments- tax and enslave their  subjects-  giving them rules  and regulations.  Don't Blame" the land"!   Government likes its " Good " citizens to  SHUT UP, PAY and OBEY!
Land  has no personal prejud
ices  regarding behavior of  its inhabitants.
Land  lives by the laws of  nature. That's it. No  man made rules or biases.   Land appears to "live and let live " I think.
 We  Individuals  are about  as " Free" as  we  want to be.  Freedom is a state of  mind- a  personal belief/ attitude-  that says " I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." and I own myself. I take responsibility  for my life- the good and the bad.   I am a Grown-up.
  The  Government  is also a belief  or attitude of authority and responsibility resting  outside of the individual . It is the belief  that you have privileges  bestowed by superiors who are necessary to  control  your behavior,  supply your basic needs, and protect you from yourself.    Totally condescending, wrong, illegitimate , wasteful, mean,  disgusting  and more in my  opinion!!!
  Do  you  believe that ancient dead  people who  were born  long before you  are entitled to  set the rules you will follow and  claim all the  important stuff until the end of time? NOT ME!!!
 This " idea"  is the  reason
so-called  civilized  humanity is  the mess it is today, I think.    Do not be mesmerized  by other people who tell you they know the  " truth" and the  way and will give you three hots and a cot  with  wholesome entertainment  thrown in- from the cradle to the grave   . If you believe  Government Loves you ,  you are  in " la-La Land"- and will  get what you deserve:
   A " Free Lunch with food poisoning, a lumpy mattress and  old black and white  B rated  movies  " LOL!!

 Back to the original topic of Freedom. Have FUN , DO your THING Honestly and  Peacefully without Coercion. !

Love, Donna 

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