Sunday, March 13, 2022

Thoughts on War and Real Libertarians

 Let me start by saying the Libertarian political party is a contradiction in terms . Government is the “ legitimate” use of force and Liberty is the opposite of force! Liberty is voluntary cooperation which brings peace and prosperity to   Individuals and therefore  everyone . Allowing and sanctioning “ other people” to do horrific deeds we could or should not do as individuals  such as lie, steal and kill,  is irrational and insane. This double standard is why the human race is so screwed up and on the brink of extinction from nuclear war ! The average person  apparently loves and trusts their so called leaders who are  merely using them to fatten their bank account and do their dirty work . The regular people  march  off to war to be a  ‘Hero’  and save  ‘freedom and democracy’ come  back maimed and deranged if they come back at all .Subsequently their future  lives and the lives of their children and family are destroyed.   After  losing  his or her life in a bloodbath  that benefits only the war profiteers , the deceased gets a fancy funeral and final salute and alas,   Someone makes money on your burial ….

This  repetitive ,stupid and futile  process keeps going on for millennia like the Energizer bunny,  Why ?  I see Freedom being lost in the process , not gained!

What good is freedom if you’re dead or maimed for life?

The only winners in this game are the governments and corporations  who take your money and run you  life - for your security and safety of course 🤣

Will the  majority or at least enough people figure this  scam out and do something to stop the demise of   Humanity before we all go up in smoke?

  I hope so , because   Being alive is a lot more fun that being fried; starving , and dead .

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