Sunday, March 29, 2020

Got Corona virus? Eat soup and drink a Corona,,

This whole  so called Corona virus thing is nothing but a big hoax to enslave the masses and bleed us of our last nickel. 
Unfortunately it appears to be working- as  many if not most of the  Sheeple gladly close their businesses, churches, gyms, restaurants  and bars, schools and everything deemed  “unnecessary”  by their Rulers, as well as avoid friends , neighbors, fellow workers, relatives  and Even their Mother’s in nursing homes,  Funerals and Weddings, sports, Mount Everest, the KentuckyDerby and the Olympics to name a  chosen few as well as all travel worldwide.... for the sake of a runny nose and cough  AKA the common cold , which has been with us since human life began,  What was left of individual  liberty ,  common sense and  intelligence and self respect and love of life and all that is good simply vanished about a month ago as our Rulers make arbitrary rules  daily that affect everything we do,

THERES SOMETHING WRONG HERE  - Fellow Earthlings and it is not the So called Corona virus you should fear or  that is going to kill you  :

 Mass stupidity , lack of intelligence  and rational thinking,  combined with  blind obedience to authority , amoung  other things, is  the real culprit here!

Don’t  people ever learn? Apparently Not !!


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