Sunday, March 29, 2020

We have Maniacs in Charge and Masked Imbecilles following

Not good. The Stupid Masked Zombie Sheep  will line  up with Glee for their  Government Loves Me  Invade my Body with your Unknown Whatever it is  Big Pharma Miracle cure for the sniffles - which in reality blowing snot IS Harmless FUN! I want the Virus  because it’s to my advantage:
I love to pick my nose and discover the exciting large buggers that inhabit it. Just like warts and scabs and age spots..... interesting Human  shit!
“ Colds are the ultimate fantasy” ,  we  get to lay on the couch, indulge in technology, get out of going to work or anything else we don’t want to do PLUS.  We get to eat soup, ice cream and  drink  booze!

Fuck the Bureaucrats who think they own us! They are  now and forever the dullest, most boring,  dickless and lifeless Party Poopers on the Planet,
 Laugh at and Ridicule your “ Masters” 

Freedom is more fun than Slavery

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