Saturday, September 02, 2017

Nursing is a dangerous job

 Last night the TV news
reported  an Emergency Room Nurse was  handcuffed and terrorized by a policeman in  Salt Lake City , Utah because she complied with her job description which said she could not take blood from someone without their consent.
Instead of  the police  dealing  with  the nurses supervisor in a sane fashion-he grabbed  the woman, arrested  her and dragged her outside  screaming and crying . How did she know she would not be shot? Or beat to a pulp by  this  man - or raped ? She could have had a stroke or heart attack or fallen - or who knows what!!!!
   Is this not assault and battery at its zenith?

The  remedy for this abomination to a peaceful, decent human being who was doing their job and helping others -this violent, disrespectful   thug is getting" administrative leave "- Read Paid Vacation!
This is the standard treatment in America when police do horrible things to individuals.

So the moral of the story is-  Beat, kill and Scare the hell out of people to get paid time off!!

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